GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 09, 2022 11:40PM
Posted by: Dom
X_Acto Wrote:
> Damn! Should boost this one... :-O

We'll see, boosting here is a high risk, high reward scenario
Round 7 - Canadian GP - Free Practice

Welcome back to another weekend of the GPGSL, we're here in Montreal this time, and it will be a raining session as we can see below.

Michail is the first driver to set a time

Ancevski right behind her

Wright with the slowest time so far

Maverick takes the 3rd position from him

De Los Rios with the best time so far

McGregor goes 2nd fastest

Moinet steals the first place

Copeman in 5th

Elleker right behind him

Russell with a flying lap takes the first place

Ingers in 4th

The second group of drivers are in the track, the conditions do not seen to be improving

O'Brien with the slowest time so far

Cremasco gets a good lap

Cronin will need to improve

Hollidge manages a good 5th place

With Sheppard right at his tail

Rookie Alex Gromov is inside the top 10

Greenhalgh with the 6th place, the Alpha's with a good pace so far

Savio with an amazing lap, 1st place for him

Szucs down the grid in 19th

Vilela slides inside the top 10

And Stoddart finishing the first attempt

Let's see which driver can improve in their second round of flying laps

McGregor obliterates Savio's time, to take the lead

Elleker improves from 15th to 7th

Maverick with a massive improvement, 19th to 3rd

Wright improves his time, but not his position

Ancevski from 18th to 6th, the track may be drying up

Hollidge improves to 7th place

While his teammate from 22nd to 11th

Cronin inside the top 10, looking for some points

Grenghalgh gains 5 positions, to 8th place

Szucs improves, but is not able to get inside the points

Vilela who was down at 16th, improves to 5th

Stoddart with just a little improvement, not gaining any posisiton

Final Results

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Round 7 - Canadian GP - Qualifying



Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Bit disappointing to only be 12th, lots of room for improvement for the race

Hey, that's cool!
Very satisfied with that result

Nice position for me in 10th seeing how it was a wet session. Bad for Toby though being in 18th.
Hoping for a dry race so both of us can move up places during the race.


GPGSL Alpha Motorsports, S13 Race Driver #8 S14 Race Driver #2, S15 Race Driver #2
6th place on the grid, let's have a great start and go for points for the team.

GPGSL-3: VTR Driver, S4~S11 (2nd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3th, 4th, 3th, 2nd)(Constructorstitel S7 & S9)
GPGSL-4: ONE Racing Driver, S8~S11 // TYRANT Racing Driver S12:1st, S13:13th, S14:1st
I’ll take the top ten finish but let’s see if we can do we do well as a team.

Tyrant Motorsport S14 Test Driver
Tyrant Motorsport S15 Test Driver
Could have been better for Testers drivers but both in points. Rain must have been a factor for no improvement on me.
Good positions for Qualy and nice to see Nico on first row. Might be important at the start.

GPGSL: S8 : SCR Tester (5th) // Season 9/10 - JHR Driver | GPG Nation Cup: Monaco (S3 : 10th; S4 : 19th; S5 : 5th)
S11-14 : Mistral Team Owner | S11-14 : Mistral Team Owner .
So close to the Top 10. For not having boosted, that wasn't so bad :)
Qualifying not great if I’m honest but next season is already our focus.

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

Round 7 - Canadian GP - Race Day

Weclome back to race day here in Montreal, the rain that hit both previous sessions is still there, with such tricky conditions the drivers must step up their game, championship leaders Kederer and Silva are start from behind today, and this race can be a turning point in the fight for the title


And away we go, Scala starting in first place, with Beggani right at his side

Hinz has a better start than Beggani, taking the 2nd place behind Scala

As the rest of the cars pass by we can see that some accident happened at the back of the grid

Replay shows the DMR of Pedersen in the air

He was hit by his teammate McCarthy

Bouchard had to stop his car, otherwise we could have had a nasty accident

The same goes for Russell and Majumdar

Pedersen returns in last place, but his car seems not to be damaged

Rodrigues gained one position

The heavy rain doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon

Reigning champion De Bruyker avoided any kind of trouble and stayed in 6th place

Both MMM's in 7th and 8th

Paulo Silva lost one position in the first lap, but with Kederer out of the points, he is closing the gap in the standings

Bouchard goes airborne at the last corner

He doesn't damage his car, but this has allowed Majumdar to overtake Russell

He also overtakes the Mist driver, while Pedersen overtakes Russell at the end of the main straight

Gustavo and Buitenhuis, who have almost the same number of points in the championship are fighting for a position

The replay shows that Gustavo lost control of the car and spun into the grass

Buitenhuis had to slow down to not hit his teammate

Elleker took the oportunity and overtook both Silva and Buitenhuis

Silva sits now in 10th, with Gilson right at his tail

Warrington in the last points position

Karda tries an overtake on Rodriguez

But the MTP driver closes the door

De Bruyker sets the fastest lap

Parachki overtook McCarthy for the 17th place

Here is how the top 10 changed after 3 laps, Elleker with a great race so far

Keranen and Sakata fighting for the 14th place

But the Finnish manages to keep his position

Scala had a quiet race so far, but Hinz is right at his back, the Italian can't make any mistakes

Beggani in 3rd place

Hinz sets the fastest lap

Buitenhuis got really close to Elleker

Gilson tries a move on Silva

Job done by the former champion

Parachki trying a move on former champion Kederer

Kederer goes wide, he may have lost the braking point

Into the grass

And returns in 20th, not what the championship leader expected of this race

Beggani got super close to Hinz, and he is trying a move to take the 2nd place

Side by side

Good job by the French driver

While his teammate is being attacked by Warrington

Oh no! They've touched

Silva manages to return, but Warrington is facing the wrong position

Silva is now in 12th

While Warrington returns in last place

McCarthy touches the grass on his own, his car spins

He manages to not hit the wall

And returns in 21st, just ahead of Warrington

Parachki trying a move on Sakata

And he overtakes the Japanese

Buitenhuis could not overtake Elleker so far, and with this O'Neill is getting closer to both

Bouchard is overtaken by Russell

Now it's Keranen that will try a move on Sakata

Job done

Kederer will try to make a comeback

Majumdar trying a move on Sakata

Great job by him

The next in line to overtake Sakata will be his teammate

But Bouchard has other plans, as he is the one overtaking Russell

He sits now in 17th

Pedersen takes the oportunity and tries a move on Russell as well

He goes through

In the next lap is Kederer's turn

And he get it done

The standings after 10 laps

Unseen by the cameras, Karda overtook Rodriguez

A car is in the gravel

Keranen retires with problems in his engine

O'Neill hit the car in front of him

He spins

While Gilson goes in the grass

He manages to return to the track, without losing any posisiton

But O'neill is facing the other side, this is a dangerous position to be

While trying to return he lost his front wing

An unscheduled pit stop to change the wing

Bouchard trying a move on Sakata

But he spins and touch Sakata's car

The Japanese returns in 14th place

While Bouchard drops to 19th

Kederer onboard shows Pedersen losing the control of his car

He spins

And returns in 20th place

De Bruyker hits the back of Rodriguez car

The MTP driver returns in 5th place without any damage

While the Belgian has to wait while the other cars pass by

But maybe Rodriguez car was damaged after all, he spins in front of Gustavo

And ends up facing the wrong side

Returning only in 19th, a shame, he was having a great race

De Bruyker sits now in 12th

Kederer trying a move on Sakata

Cleand job by the German

Bouchard is the one to start the round of pit stops

Race leader Scala in the pits

Beggani is flying down the main straight, can he overtake Scala who is exiting the pits?

It will be a close call

But in the end Scala manages to stay in front

Beggani is not giving up, his tyres are sure warmer

Returning to the pit stops

As we see the chase for the first place, let's see how the standings are after the round of pit stops, O'Neill still has to pit again

Hinz with the fastest lap

Buitenhuis tries an overtake on Elleker

The AMR goes wide

Which allows Buitenhuis to go through

Majumdar overtaking Paulo Silva

Clean job to get the 11th place

Warrington overtakes Bouchard for the 16th place

O'Neill making his mandatory pit stop

Hinz tries a move on Beggani, it's a battle for 2nd place

But he missed the braking point and spins, hitting Beggani

Beggani remains in 2nd place

While Hinz lost a position for his teammate

Gilson overtakes Gustavo for the 5th place

De Bruyker overtakes Russell for the 12th place

Racing leader Scala, with just 3 laps to go

Wait! In the next lap we have a Race Director Message

Scala is out! His Porsche engine has blown up, with just 2 laps to go, such a heartbrake for him and the team

Beggani sits now in 1st place, he wasn't expecting this after the contact with Hinz

Parachki tries a move on Gustavo

And overtakes the Brazilian

Kederer sits in 13th, and is looking to score at least one point

New race leader Beggani starts the final lap

Buitenhuis attacks Gustavo in the last lap, not a sight a team boss would like to see

Gustavo hits the brakes to avoid any contact between them, which allows Buitenhuis to goes through

Nico Beggani wins the Canadian GP, leading just two laps of the race

Karda in 2nd place

And Hinz in 3rd, great result by the MACs today

Elleker goes a little wide

Which allowed Majumdar to overtake him for the 7th place

Final results

Fastest Laps

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 15, 2022 06:47PM
Posted by: natasp
It was a good result after all, we managed to avoid any incidents through the race, the weekend was really tricky due to the weather conditions.

About the last lap battle between Vitor and Jeroen, they're close in the championship and are free to fight each other in the track, just have to remember that the team goes first in those kinds of situations.

A hell of a race, from 20th to 5th, hope for more at the next race.

Great coverage, well done :)

Getting a podium despite the mistake is a great result, finally a bit of luck it seems

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
Rubbish again

Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 15, 2022 10:56PM
Posted by: mortal
I will be away till June 16th. Play nicely. :-)

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 15, 2022 11:30PM
Posted by: giomich
Great job by Parachki, amazing race from 20th to 5th, Bouchard had some problems with his car after the incident in lap 1, he will bounce back next race

Rough weekend, unfortunate retirement there
We'll bounce back
Couple of mistakes costing me at the end, pace wasn't great

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