GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]

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Wasn't far away from my 13th place prediction ;)

Very bad luck for Majumdar having suffered a Water Leak while fighting for the last points finishing position. De Bruyker did his best and was able to bring home some points so at least we won't be leaving Suzuka empty handed.

And the curse goes on! It seems it's impossible for us to bring both cars into the front positions.
But in this case, it was clearly Matteo being too impatient. The lap he drove at the back of the field shows how strong his pace was and I totally understand that he didn't wanna lose time there to stay in the fight with Carlos, but this overtake attempt just couldn't work there. That's bad luck for the team and a great deal of points that we missed there.
Carlos, however, was stellar and untouchable today. Granted, though, that he had the easier position there at the top of the field. But still, great job, mate!

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That wasn’t a good result for the team but the drivers did the best they could in the circumstances let’s hope we have a better race next time.

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Podium let's go!
Nice, P5! I'll take that - solid points

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Pretty uneventful for us, at least Luke got some points on the board.

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wow....not a race to remember....

Well that was awful

10th! And that's it!

Not much to celebrate....


That was the usual rubbish result. <sigh>.

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Wooooooo Hoooo!!!! Podium! YES!

Nice points to start the season

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YEEEEAAAAHAHHAHAAA, big bet with the boosting, but it held! Super happy!

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Solid stuff, solid indeed.
Great job by the MMM drivers. Congrats!

Way to go boys.

Both cars in the top 10 and a podium for Gustavo. Amazing job, seems like I was the only one of the pace this weekend haha

Eeeeek... not a good one for DMR...
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Round 02: Japanese Grand Prix - Suzuka - 25% Weather - 10 AI Errors - Winner: Carlos Rodríguez - Maverick Track Performance
Round 03: South African Grand Prix - Kyalami - 19% Weather - 16 AI Errors
Round 04: Austrian Grand Prix - Spielberg - 19% Weather - 4 AI Errors
Round 05: European Grand Prix - Donington - 50% Weather - 16 AI Errors
Round 06: Portuguese Grand Prix - Portimao - 19% Weather - AI Errors
Round 07: Brazilian Grand Prix - Interlagos - 50% Weather - 40 AI Errors
Round 08: Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal - 75% Weather - 16 AI Errors
Round 09: Turkish Grand Prix - Istanbul - 19% Weather - 40 AI Errors
Round 10: Dutch Grand Prix - Emmeloord - 19% Weather - 4 AI Errors
Round 11: German Grand Prix - Hockenheim - 25% Weather - 10 AI Errors
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