gpi browser 1.2

Posted by vinkl57 
gpi browser 1.2
Date: April 07, 2021 07:50PM
Posted by: vinkl57

Can you explain to me how to use gpi browser to update the photos of the menu.
For information, I put the game in c: \ programmes (x86) \ gp4 mod 2021

I have the error message:

"Exception EAccessViolation in module GPI Browser 1.2.exe in OCIOA3A4A. Access violation at address 004A3A4A in module 'GPI Browser 1.2.exe'. Reading address 08494000."

thank you for all the help you could give me.

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Re: gpi browser 1.2
Date: April 07, 2021 09:18PM
Posted by: Excalibur

First of all, you have to select the GP4 path. Click on change GP4 Path button: look for the gp4.exe file from your game directory.
Once the GP4 path is selected, it will read and load the images used for the game.

To replace an image, click-right on the picture you want to replace and click on load image from a tga file (tga format accepted only) .
Beware of your cars.wad order.
For the drivers picture , for example, here is the teams order:

Team 1:
-Driver 1: image 33
-Driver 2: image 61

Team 2:
-Driver 1: image 193
-Driver 2: image 63

Team 3:
-Driver 1: image 72
-Driver 2: image 272

Team 4:
-Driver 1: image 66
-Driver 2: image 62

Team 5:
-Driver 1: image 56
-Driver 2: image 55

Team 6:
-Driver 1: image 60
-Driver 2: image 74

Team 7:
-Driver 1: image 75
-Driver 2: image 270

Team 8:
-Driver 1: image 68
-Driver 2: image 273

Team 9:
-Driver 1: image 269
-Driver 2: image 268

Team 10:
-Driver 1: image 70
-Driver 2: image 64

Team 11:
-Driver 1: image 304
-Driver 2: image 271

Once all is replaced, click on the Apply button.


Re: gpi browser 1.2
Date: April 08, 2021 10:55AM
Posted by: Saiborgas
Hi also had this problem before, changing the path didn't result for me, i had to to it with slimtex batching all gpi to tga putting them on one folder and then after seeing the ones i wanted to replace, after making the new tga, batching just those back to gpi replacing them in the original gpi folder. It is just another method in case GPI browser doesn't work.
By the way, nice help in giving the drivers gpi numbers.
Thanks Escalibur

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