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Seriously considering Felipe Massa's place in the team after that race. Shambolic. Great to see Mark get some points.


A disappointing result but Rome wasn't built in a day.


Montoya’s retirement shouldn’t have happened. It was a huge blow to the WCC hopes. Now we should expect a miracle so Sato bounces back to the top of the standings.


We expected more from both drivers, especially as we were well placed for some decent points. 11 points from the last 4 rounds isn't good enough.

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2
Williams announce all-star line up for 2005

Williams has today announced that they have agreed to a contract with Kimi Räikkönen for 2005. Räikkönen is close to claiming the driver's title so it doesn't come as a surprise they would want to keep him. What did come as a surprise was that they have signed Michael Schumacher as their other driver. The six time world champion seems to want that seventh title as his career nears it's inevitable end. After these two signings, Williams has to be the early favourite for next season too. Räikkönen's deal is for 16 million while Schumacher will make 18.

Williams also announced that Ricardo Zonta will be their test driver for 2005 season. He makes the shift from Jaguar who decided to replace him with Paul di Resta for next season. Zonta's deal is worth 2.75 million.

Signing after the next race
Available drivers (name, salary, age)
Jenson Button 17.75M 25
Rubens Barrichello 13.5M 33
Jarno Trulli 12.5M 31
Mark Webber 12.5M 29
Giancarlo Fisichella 11.5M 32
Ralf Schumacher 10M 30
David Coulthard 10M 34
Nick Heidfeld 8.5M 28
Jacques Villeneuve 7.25M 34
Dario Franchitti 4.75M 32
Helio Castro-Neves 4M 30
Vitantonio Liuzzi 2M 24
Alex Wurz 1.75M 31
Luca Badoer 1.25M 34
Jos Verstappen 1.25M 33
Heikki Kovalainen 1M 24
Scott Dixon 1M 25
Robert Doornbos 1M 24
Robert Kubica 1M 21
Jose Maria Lopez 0.75M 22
Franck Montagny 0.75M 27
Neel Jani 0.75M 22
Patrick Friesacher 0.75M 25
Tiago Monteiro 0.75M 29
Mathias Lauda 0.75M 24
Enrico Toccacelo 0.5M 27
Sam Hornish 0.5M 26
Jerome d'Ambrosio 0.5M 20
Giedo van der Garde 0.5M 20
Scott Speed 0.5M 22
Olivier Tielemans 0.5M 21
Alan van der Merwe 0.5M 25
Jan Charouz 0.5M 18
Davide Valsecchi 0.5M 18
Loic Duval 0.5M 23
Jamie Green 0.5M 23
Anthony James Allmendinger 0.5M 24
Nicolas Lapierre 0.5M 21
Kamui Kobayashi 0.5M 19
Bjorn Wirdheim 0.5M 25
Esteban Guerrieri 0.5M 20
Sebastian Vettel 0.5M 18
Allan McNish 0.5M 36
Marc Gene 0.5M 31
Sébastien Bourdais 0.5M 26
Lucas Di Grassi 0.5M 21
Ryan Hunter-Reay 0.5M 25
Jeffrey van Hooydonk 0.5M 28
EJ Viso 0.5M 20
Adrian Sutil 0.5M 22
Justin Wilson 0.5M 27
Alexandre Premat -1M 23
Franck Perera -2M 21
Karun Chandhok -2M 21
Markus Winkelhock -2M 25
Giorgio Mondini -2M 25
Zsolt Baumgartner -2.75M 24
Sakon Yamamoto -3M 23
Ralph Firman -3M 30
Christijan Albers -3M 26
Antonio Pizzonia -3M 25
Bas Leinders -3M 30
Cristiano da Matta -4M 32
Yuji Ide -4M 30
Nicolas Kiesa -4M 27
Gianmaria Bruni -4.75M 24
Rodolfo Gonzalez -5M 19
Jan Magnussen -5M 32
Narain Karthikeyan -5M 28
Giorgio Pantano -6M 26
Bruno Senna -7M 22

Projected budgets for 2005 season:

DonChristian has also informed me that if someone is interested in taking on Minardi, it's available as he's quite busy these days with a new business he started recently.
I was going to suggest someone for Minard but I see they've already taken over.

Did you mean someone new?
JohnWarrington Wrote:
> I was going to suggest someone for Minard but I
> see they've already taken over.

I told Syvis if someone new joins in, he should take over, but the decision was made. Until someone new joins, I will lead Minardi.

Syvis Wrote:
> Did you mean someone new?

No I was going to suggest Parachki ;) He seems to be very invested in the series so is a perfect replacement until someone new can be found,

JohnWarrington Wrote:
> Syvis Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Did you mean someone new?
> No I was going to suggest Parachki ;) He seems to
> be very invested in the series so is a perfect
> replacement until someone new can be found,

I've recently found it more interesting than the GPGSL, the engagement factor is a bit greater.

I'm also happy to run 2 if need be

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

Minardi's plans for 2005 are to strengthen the team's financial stability, therefore, the team has made the decision to have a new lineup. While the current lineup is more than good, the current financial situation does not allow us to develop the car to a level where the drivers can extract its full potential, thus the team will rely on pay-drivers for next season, with greater success in mind for 2006. With the influx of capital, we can develop a better car and have better drivers who will lead us to our goals. Our ultimate goal is to be a points-scoring team, if possible, by next year. The lineup will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Minardi will further evaluate the current staff and technical partners and will make changes accordingly to our finances.

(The teams and driver's current standings are taken into consideration for numbering, won't give nb1 until the current driver standings leader signs a contract)

Williams F1 Team

1- Kimi Raikkonen
2- Michael Schumacher
T- Ricardo Zonta

Scuderia Ferrari

3 - Takuma Sato
4 - Juan Pablo Montoya
T - Michael Ammermuller

McLaren F1 Team

5 - Fernando Alonso
6 - Timo Glock
T - Nelson Piquet Jr.

Toyota Racing

7 - Felipe Massa
8 - Lewis Hamilton
T - Nico Hulkenberg

Renault F1 Team

9 - TBD
10 - TBD

Jaguar Racing

11 - Pedro De La Rosa
12 - Anthony Davidson
T - Paul Di Resta

British American Racing

14 - Dan Wheldon
15 - TBD
T - Romain Grosjean

Sauber Motorsport

16 - Christian Klien
17 - Andre Lotterer
T - Tomas Enge

Jordan Grand Prix

18 - Nico Rosberg
19 - Vitaly Petrov
T - Kazuki Nakajima

Minardi F1 Team

20 - TBD
21 - TBD

Arrows Grand Prix

22 - TBD
23 - Pastor Maldonado
T - Fairuz Fauzy

2005 WIP

Please note: Jaguar and Arrows liveries are fictional ones downloaded from GP4DB, they aren't final.

Wow button scored points, finay haha
Going to an interesting 2005 - lots of money spent on drivers not leaving much for suppliers

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

Not the best of qualifying sessions for us. We hope Alonso can help us in a certain way.


As usual, the good engine that is Renault is crippled by bad aero. Hopefully we can at least finish the race.


A great start to the weekend, fingers crossed we get the points we need

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2
2004 Japanese Grand Prix

Welcome to recap of the 2004 Japanese Grand Prix raced on the Suzuka Circuit. It’s the 17th round of the 2004 season.

Lap #1
Juan-Pablo Montoya overtakes Kimi Räikkönen for the second place.

Lap #2
Ralf Schumacher overtakes Takuma Sato for 6th place.

Lap #5
Fernando Alonso has opened up a bit of a gap to rest of the field.

Lap #7
Felipe Massa overtakes Jarno Trulli for 7th place while Michael Schumacher overtakes Mark Webber for the 9th place in the same turn.

Lap #10
Fernando Alonso keeps growing the gap in the lead.

Lap #11
Michael Schumacher overtakes Jarno Trulli for the 8th place.

Lap #12
Felipe Massa overtakes Takuma Sato for 6th place.

Lap #14
Now Michael Schumacher overtakes Takuma Sato too. He seems surprisingly slow today.

Lap #15
Fernando Alonso is firmly in control of this race.

Lap #17
Ralf Schumacher hits Rubens Barrichello while trying to overtake him. Barrichello goes a bit wide and that opens up the gap for Ralf and Felipe Massa to overtake him.

Kazuki Nakajima hits Heikki Kovalainen who then hits Paul di Resta. Kovalainen and di Resta suffer critical damage and both retire. Nakajima loses a part of his front wing which he has to change at the pits.

Lap #19
Ralf Schumacher overtakes Kimi Räikkönen for 3rd place.

Lap #20
Only driver who can keep up with Fernando Alonso somewhat is Juan-Pablo Montoya.

Felipe Massa overtakes Kimi Räikkönen for 4th place. The title contenders Räikkönen and Sato have been surprisingly slow today.

Nico Rosberg pits.

Lap #21
Mark Webber overtakes Jarno Trulli for 9th place.

Felipe Massa, Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica pit.

Lap #22
Christian Klien retires with an engine failure.

Lap #23
Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber pit.

Lap #25
Top 8 after some pit stops.

Mark Webber retires with a suspension failure.

Ralf Schumacher, Jarno Trulli and Dan Wheldon pit.

Lap #26
Nick Heidfeld hits Jarno Trulli and they both spin out. Trulli rejoins the track in 13th place and Heidfeld continues in the 14th place.

Takuma Sato, Rubens Barrichello and Antonio Pizzonia pit.

Lap #27
Felipe Massa overtakes Jenson Button for 8th place.

Lap #28
Vitaly Petrov retires with a loose wheel.

Juan-Pablo Montoya pits.

Lap #30
Fernando Alonso still leads with no pit stops made yet.

And as I say that, he comes into the pits.

Lap #31
Kimi Räikkönen got past Fernando Alonso during the pits but a lap later Alonso takes his lead back.

Lap #32
Neel Jani, Kimi Räikkönen and Jenson Button pit.

Lap #34
Ralf Schumacher pits while Fernando Alonso comes in again!

Lap #35
Kimi Räikkönen and Neel Jani both pit again too. Robert Kubica also pits.

Lap #37
Takuma Sato and Nico Rosberg pit.

Lap #38
Michael Schumacher, Kazuki Nakajima, Antonio Pizzonia and Dan Wheldon pit.

Lap #39
Felipe Massa pits.

Lap #40
Top three are very close together! This is still anyone’s race.

Rubens Barrichello manages to get past Juan-Pablo Montoya and he takes the lead!

Nick Heidfeld and Jenson Button pit.

Lap #41
Fernando Alonso also overtakes Juan-Pablo Montoya and he’s now 2nd.

Lap #43
Jarno Trulli pits.

Lap #45
Rubens Barrichello is leading the race 9 laps from the finish.

Neel Jani retires with an oil leak.

Rubens Barrichello pits from the lead!

Lap #46
The race is starting to take its toll on the cars as Michael Schumacher’s Renault has some technical problems. He has to pit but he’s able to continue the race in the 8th place.

Lap #48
Robert Kubica retires with a suspension failure.

Lap #49
Oh no! Fernando Alonso, who has been dominant this weekend, retires from the lead!

Lap #50
Juan-Pablo Montoya is back in the lead after Alonso’s retirement but spectacularly, Ralf Schumacher is challenging him for the win in his Jaguar!

Ralf Schumacher overtakes Juan-Pablo Montoya during the lap and takes the lead three laps from the finish line!

Lap #51
Rubens Barrichello overtakes Takuma Sato for the 3rd place.

Lap #52
Kazuki Nakajima hits a wall and retires.

Lap #53
Ralf Schumacher comes home to take a sensational win for Jaguar in the rainy Suzuka track! No one saw this coming when he started the race from the 7th place!

Juan-Pablo Montoya is second in his Ferrari. Ferrari still has a chance to win the constructor’s title but they need to outscore Williams by 11 points in the last race.

Rubens Barrichello comes home third. He isn’t the happiest member of the Williams team though as this result means Kimi Räikkönen has won the driver’s title!

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