The Super Tracks: studying the 1st, Melbourne

Posted by Zacio Geribello 
Melbourne seems to be a big karting track, it's a good thing. So fast and you have to manouver each second around the Park. So, it is a F1 circuit, means a top track of the world already. What would be a "super-track"? That's a name, just a name, could be another. The idea is that we are bringing something already special to the virtual world - a simulator - so we could do something for fun that would be a lot harder in the real world. But simulation is also real... :)

We have some limits in the real tracks we wouldn't find here, but we could do something that also makes sense in reality and doesn't make a full rupture. I think of a "super-track", among other things, in each case, as in the final lap, ending the race with 2, 3, 4 cars fighting for victory! That became uncommon in F1 because of security matters and the circuit itself. But let's think about it.

We could do this! Somehow making it possible for a final taking at the very end of the race and 2, 3, 4 cars could be in that spot. IF we make the last turn as an increasing speed towards the final flag we could have this effect. So, we take off the chicane before the finish line and change the turn 15 to the 16 (Prost), as continuation of Stewart. Then it work pretty much as the arrival in Monza, I mean, at high speed and allowing a final dispute in a bigger straight. The original turn becomes part of the boxes.

Then Whiteford, point 3 of the track. In Brabhan and Jones, points 1 and 2 we already had a chicane that is good, with scape area and to prove the braking skills and to give a brake to the next lap. We don't need it again in Whiteford :), just ahead..., so, we open a little this turn and make it a little higher speed of an "S" turn. These turns in sequence, the "esses" are an important part of a "super-track" and we could give it to Melbourne.

The other parts of the track are perfect for this plan. We could also think of adding a slightly banked turn somewhere, as a virtual experience, just saying... :)
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