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quali could be better, but my race was ok, I was a bit unlucky, but at least I managed to finish in the points.

Great Bob Jeroen! you had a great race! deserved the podium.

Another weekend to forget.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
That was disappointing! First retirement wasn't the first I was hoping for haha
Great result for the team. I could have done better in the practice but however great job to the rest of the team though.

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Bring on the wooden spoon.

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kedy89 Wrote:
> Quali performance was a surprise, race was an
> absolute disaster, only going backwards from lap 1
> on. That Renault engine is a huge piece of crap,
> can't understand why we made that switch. About as
> bad as Shadow going from Subaru to Mercedes.

Yes might be time for another change

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From 4th on the grid to finishing 6th. Poor race for me as was hoping to go up the field not down. At least I got some points for myself and the team.
Also seem Toby had the same bad luck of falling down the field.
There's always the next round though to try to improve.


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That's another race to forget. Maybe we can improve in Brazil.

mortal Wrote:
> Bring on the wooden spoon.

Is that our new season target? Because I think we can get it ;)

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Missed Points, oof.
So grateful to have that pole in qualifying but in the race I wasn't able to keep the pace ahead.
Nevertheless, 3rd on the podium is a very great result for me! :-)
Official tables will be up in a few hours.
Seems NO ONE noticed Zak Cronin was missing from the boost tables! Only stumbled across that just now, when going to enter his personal driver boost - guessing this must be his first use all season long - going to try and confirm that, then post the absolute official boost tables.....;)

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Round 03: Malaysian Grand Prix - Sepang - Winner : Gareth McCarthy - Demon Racing
Round 04: Pacific Grand Prix - Fuji - Winner : Sean O'Neill - Alpha Motorsports
Round 05: Italian Grand Prix - Monza - Winner : Gareth McCarthy - Demon Racing
Round 06: Dutch Grand Prix - Emmeloord - Winner : Marcus De Bruyker - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 07: United Arab Emirates Grand Prix - Dubai - Winner : Dominik Karda - Atlantic Motorsports
Round 08: South African Grand Prix - Kyalami - Winner : Matteo Scala - Maverick Track Performance

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Round 14: British Grand Prix - Silverstone 19% Weather - 14 AI Errors

definitely not a great weekend for the team there
Two very similar qualifying sessions for MTP, but the race was a real highlight! Both performance and coverage wise.

For me, I'm glad to see that I still got it. I was starting to think I'm getting too old for this @#$%&. Yet it's a pity that Anderson couldn't get the car working. We're aware that our car is currently a diva and in one moment it's working, and in the next it's a real beeeeeetch.

The same happened in the qualifying where we found the right screws to turn for Matteo, but then it didn't work again for Carlos.
In the race, however, both did a stellar job! Matteo was unbeatable, although I admit my heart stopped for a second just before the first corner with three cars side-by-side. But Matteo had it all under control and drove home easily.
Carlos, meanwhile, had to fight a bit more in the pack, stayed out of trouble and did the best he could. Overall that is a really great team result and it brings us right back in the fight for a top 3 championship position. All we need to do is keep up the moment.

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I have to improve my setup, Boss...

Really happy with that P4, the car felt really good during the race. Let's keep this going team!

a good 5th place !
Another race over. On to the next.

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Happy with the result for me and the team! Matteo really showed his veteran qualities, and I was able to push forward for great points. If only the car came alive more consistently...

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