Can you convert F1 Challenge 99/03 cars into GP4 cars?

Posted by JRAJ19 
Hello all.

I'm looking (Hopefully in accordance with the permission rule) to convert F1C cars into GP4 ones then create mods from it, is it possible to do this and are there any tutorials to do this?

I want to be able (With permission from the mod owners) to convert the 1970s cars (Barring the 1975 and 1979 mod/cars as they're already out there thanks to Kerley and Tony).

Thanks to the Coronavirus situation/lockdown in Britain I'm not expected to get back to work till September/October time (Been furloughed) so I have time on my hands.
Ok I've read and downloaded a variety of programs like Zmodeler 1.07, Mass Explorer, 3dSim. This is a test, so am I on the right track here? I've brought a 1989 Mclaren over from F1C to GP4. What else do I need to do? I plumped the Gp4 file into a wad and it didn't look very good, it was floating and I haven't put the Tex file into the Wad just yet. Just to reiterate, I am NOT releasing anything until I get the permission to release the stuff as I don't want any trouble and if me doing this violates the rules then do delete this thread, if I can get to grips with this malarkey then I could be of help in the future.

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Well I'll give you an update if anyone is interested, I'm attributing the TGA files to the object but that isn't working as per picture below, I'm getting there I think but I know I'm missing something but I can't remember what.
looking good.....

Tutorials were always something i was talking about a few years back as it was important as people left gp4 that the knowledge didn't

in this more modern age could some of the car & track makers make short videos showing how it's done ?

so load the car in zmod.......what to do etc...then export & get the car into gp4.......

easier to follow a video when it's in stages.......
I've brought over the 1978 mod from F1 Challenge, testing it in game the car is floating on top of the tires, converted the image files as hi_tex. It's just trial and error, I've contacted the mod creator via the F1 challenge Brazil page, so if I obtain the permission then the ball can get rolling. I snapped most of the image files to get to the magic number of 28 in order to create a GP4 file.
Nice going, keep it up.

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import a gp4 car into zmodeler, perhaps merge it all into 1 object. Then import your car over the top and line it up - I usually line up with where the helmet is. When you're done lining it up, then delete the original gp4 car.
you'll need all the objects renamed into gp4 format.

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