GP4 Tutorials: How to increase damage sensitivity w/out using GP4Tweaker

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Grand Prix 4 tutorials is back! Now I am going to focus on how to increase damage sensitivity in Grand Prix 4 without using GP4Tweaker, especially in CSM mod. Two steps only required. Insert a specific damage coefficient you want and then sync it with swap.ini files in your CSM mod. Using the concept similar to GP4 2002 mod.

Damage mods file: []

Summarized Steps
1. Go to the folder selected mods. Should be at GPSaves.
2. Inside the Data mods, create a new folder named "Files". If already have, skip this step.
3. Create a new folder inside Files, named "GP4exe"
4. Insert any damage coefficient you want. 50, 100, 150, etc... in GP4exe.
5. Page back to Settings and find swap.ini
6. Insert the coding Files\GP4exe\gp4_250%.exe,gp4.exe on the new below row of SwapFiles. If there are 21 files already, type below File22=______
7. Save it and done.

Precaution & Warning
1. Not recommended to put damage above 300% because it promotes game to crash due to insane CPU usage when MOST of the driver sustain the damage in one time. This might not be a issue if you have good PC.
2. Sometimes this technique can cause mod swap issues. Meaning that the mods will not restore properly, and will end up with "GP4 not clean exe." Be prepared to backup GP4.exe

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Thanks, very good.

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