RELEASE (sportscars, prototypes, GT, touringcars)

Posted by huskyman49 
That would be great !!!

Re: RELEASE (sportscars, prototypes, GT, touringcars)
Date: June 20, 2020 11:48PM
Posted by: fongu
wow, yes a mid-90s BTCC mod - so excited!

Fongu's Downloads
My GP4 and model review blog
BTCC 1993 mod is almost finished...

Mondeo cockpit (new - the former published was from the Sierra 500, erratically :():

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Well done Karl!!

Mods & Tracks for GP4 - []

Keeping alive the GP4
Great News.
i like it Karl :)
Well done , fantastic job Karl

BTCC 1993 mod is finished - send PM if you want it...
Do you have any plan to do a current GT3 conversion? Or the BPR From the mid 90s would be great.
PD Thank you for your passion for GP4... your work is awesome!!

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This is looking great. Thanks for putting so much work and love into GP4 :)
ricboca: a BPR 1994 mod is in the tube...
deokastyler and others: thanks for your appreciative words... :-)
Looks great Karl, thank you so much for your work !!!

Kind regards

BTCC 1994 mod almost ready...
Great news !!

Oh yesss!!! ;)
Fantastic BTCC 94!!, Thank you Karl
Krumm/de la Rosa in the All Japan GT Championship 1997... maybe there will be a mod sometimes if there's enough interest in it... (H)
Anyway I love this kind of cars much more than any formula car...

sounds very good about the All Japan GT championship and i'm very much interested in,aswell as in your BTCC 1994 mod:)
Re: RELEASE (sportscars, prototypes, GT, touringcars)
Date: August 18, 2020 07:04PM
Posted by: viking75
I did'nt see this thread. Very amazing BTCC 1993 mod. Check your PM, huskyman49.
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