tried to install a non csm mod and now my game is @#$%&.

Posted by ZacIsGood 
1st off i'm new to gp4 and learned how to download mods with csm but not with csm and well i tried to download the X1 mod but it completely ruined the game so i undid everything but now whenever i try to load up any csm mod and load a track it loads the wrong track and the cars are running in slow motion like there's lag but there's no lag because everything is running smoothly.

So if anyone knows how to fix the issues i'm having reply with some help.
I would use a clean version for CSM and a second installation for non-csm. Otherwise you will always have issues.
About your current problem; Re-Install the whole game, might be the easiest way to do it.
quick question about the install. like i said in the original post i'm new so i don't have a cd i'm using the files from GP4Central. what files do i need do i need the iso or do i only need the GPxPatch file, the Patch 9.6 file, and the no cd?
there is a ready to play version on gp4central, so just use that (incl. original game, gpx patch and decrypted exe). just extract that, no further installation needed. and try NOT to set compatibility mode, in my case that caused issues.

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Install gp4 and csm on a different drive than the C drive where windows is installed.

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