Jorge's thread !! 82 track updates posted.Silverstone 2021 v1.0 published (7-3-2022) Silverstone 2020 GP and 70th Anniversary F1 Silverstone (7-1-2022) published. Red Bull Ring 2014 v1.0 published 9/6/2022 Barcelona 2016 v1.1 published 28/5/2022.

Posted by JCaranti 
AustinF1 Wrote:
> Oh my gosh! Jorge is back. GP4 lives on!

Yeahh i am out of retirement. I solved the issues i had with a group of people.

But i am not commited as before because i want to have some fun too.
I signed up for this []

Many dont know but in most of the years i have been producing and publishing works for Gp4
i havent really had all the fun it was suposed to be. Yes its nice modelling and updating tracks
but their wasnt any much time left for anything else.
So this year i am going to particpate in a hotlap contest as i put above and by the look its a very
challenge one, i never drove that style before. So lets see what the future will bring.

Kind regards

2010 to 2021 Gp4 Track updates
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¡Hola Jorge! Es bueno que estés de vuelta y que nos estés deleitando con tus actualizaciones de pistas.

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airbusa380 Wrote:
> ¡Hola Jorge! Es bueno que estés de vuelta y que
> nos estés deleitando con tus actualizaciones de
> pistas.

Actually after some thought i will retire after Imola 2021 release.
The person that comented here that mortal put in his place is claiming my works on youtube as his own.
He is claming he did my Canada 2016 track update, Silverstone 2018, Singapore 2014 and few more.
And he has the audacity to claim he is working on Saudi Arabia when he has cero knowledge of track editing.
In his last video published he is telling this in the description of the video.
Its terrible.

Like this i can not continue.

2010 to 2021 Gp4 Track updates

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Hariz5800 Wrote:
> Hello, I just want to say. Is anyone have Monaco
> track with update/latest one?
> Thank you.

If you mean to the latest season i think it was from user Hega that published the 2014 monaco based on my 2013.
If you cant find that then their is a monaco in the 2014 pack, look at the first message of this topic and check that out.


2010 to 2021 Gp4 Track updates

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Good morning, Jorge, don't forget to give us these wonders that you've been giving us in recent times, don't call these people who don't have the capacity and keep copying other people's work.
I could find a way on the site to not let copying without your ok you understand

Buenos días Jorge, no te olvides de regalarnos estas maravillas que nos has estado regalando en los últimos tiempos, no llames a esta gente que no tiene capacidad y sigue copiando el trabajo de otras personas.
Podría encontrar una manera en el sitio para no dejar que se copien sin tu autorización, ¿entiendes?
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