mirrored sponsor logo problem with jordan ej14 from Enzojz

Posted by quickslick 
i'm using the Jordan 2004 from Enzojz and noticed a problem with the marked logo on the pic. As you can see the logo is mirrored, but i seem can't to fix it. I've tried to fix it with the quick edit tool in gp4 builder, but without a result. The logo is on a part of the right cockpit, but i can't extract this part and the second thing is, this is for all shapes in Enzojz's ej14 package. My question is, is there a way to fix this part, so that the logo is correct again?

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There is always a quick fix for this kind of issue.
This is not difficult to do
The single things required to do it are the shapes
And all the textures for both cars and for all the
Different versions.
I could have a look when I will be back at home
On Sunday, do the first car, and use it to post a quick
Tuto by using ZModeler, then you will know how to do for all the
Others versions

that sounds super, Bernard. Thank you very much in advance :)(Y)
Else if you don't want to tweak the shape, just flip this part on texture.


i've tried it already Alex, but without success. The texture stays mirrored
Could you please share the pack with me.
Shapes and textures.
I should have it somewhere on one of my numerous
Backup but it will save my time to find it....;)
Thank you.

sure my friend :), here's the link for you

As promised here is the fix for the whole pack. : [www.mediafire.com]

It has been easy and quick to fix so I did it for all the versions, both cars for Lod0 and Lod1.
I have uploaded only the shapes edited. The textures are unchanged, so no need to upload them again...

If you want to do it for the lowest Lods, here the way by using GP4 builder.

The mirrored logo is on 2 faces of the cockpit object:

The texture assigned to these 2 faces is Jordan_2 (Part1 with GP4 builder) and this is the error!! they should be assigned to the texture Jordan_1 (part2 with GP4 builder)

To fix this error, double click on the part1 and select the 2 faces we want to edit by clicking directly on the shape. They are now highlighted in blue.

Right click (in the list this time) on the faces highlighted, then "Move to...." and select "part2" (texture Jordan_1)

Done!!!. Save the .gp4 file et voilĂ ... ;)

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that's amazing from you Bernard :) thank you a thousand times for your help to fix it :) (Y). It's really very easy

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