***** MISANO WORLD CIRCUIT Marco Simoncelli - RELEASED *****

Posted by drt01 

Here are 2 video by phantaman



Credits and Thanks:
F1 Virtual Team (Gildoorf, Prblanco) for track .dat
Culmone67 for 3D Object and for hi-res textures
Phantaman for nice preview video
Lo2k for GP4 Builder, Tex Resizer etc.
Geoff Crammond for GP4

Nobody has the permission to modify this track or include in any trackpack or mod without the authorization of the authors.

Download Link

Enjoy the track,
Davide "drt01"

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Grande Davide! (Y)

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Wow, great work Davide! Thank you! :)

Will make some trackcams when I get the time :)

Ice Hockey is my Religion!
that's amazing, Davide. Thank you very much :)(Y)
Thanks a lot, great track (Y)

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Nice work!! Thanks a lot!!
Everything looks very fluid and realistic. Congrats, Davide, once again!

thank you very much!
What a nice way to start the year with Misano:-) - thank you very much for sharing!
Thank you very much!
Grazie mille, Davide!

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Brilliant work on this one! Thanks...

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That is a very nice made track indeed.......top quality.......
What a great track Davide !!
Thank you

It was unexpected but what a great surprise! :)

Thank you very much, Davide! As always, high quality work! (Y)


Just a great! Thanks Davide!

The 2nd video on youtube with the fog atmosphere its just amazing!;)
Another great track to add to the list (Y) thanks for sharing :-)

Thanks a lot guys.. glad you like(Y)

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