More than one USB Input device...

Posted by salvasirignano 
More than one USB Input device...
Date: December 02, 2019 10:49PM
Posted by: salvasirignano
Is possible!

I bought an Accuforce to play with Automobilista, not expecting it to work with GP4, having read various threads on here, but it does!

I have my Logitech G27 plugged in for its pedals, and the Accuforce direct drive wheel taking up another 2 USB ports.
In game the G27 is controller A , and the AF is controller B.

The only minor issue is the buttons on the right of the wheel aren't read by GP4, however, using Joy2Key I mapped the AF paddles to Shift and Space respectively to replace the default gear change keyboard binds.

Shift Q works but immediately acts as 'leave pits'. However, I let the marshals recover me with the car in neutral, and then I can sit in the pits and navigate the menus perfectly.

Hope this helps someone!

Tahitian GP Circuit
Easter Island Circuit

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