Reduce Curbs in exisitng track

Posted by gigi88 
Reduce Curbs in exisitng track
Date: October 09, 2019 02:04PM
Posted by: gigi88
Hi everyone

For all of you GP4 active players out there (the few that are still active;)), can anyone tell me if, for an existing GP4 track is it possible to reduce the curb sizes (hight)....

Some of the track packs (for old mods) have high curbs and I what to reduce them. For example the Curbs for the Casio Triangle corner in Suzuka. For the 1988 mod seem to be to high in the mod... I what to reduce them to be able to drive better throughout the corner (similar to the 2001 mod).


I understand that I need GP4 builder, but I need a "guide" to tell me how.
It cant be that complicated...I hope.

I appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you.
Re: Reduce Curbs in exisitng track
Date: October 09, 2019 11:12PM
Posted by: neilcaine
This is the brief guide I have used before to lower certain kerbs.

Maybe others can give a more detailed guide but this might help

Lowering the kerbs.
Open the .dat in GP4 Builder, open "Track Sectors" to open the track sector list, then scroll down until you find the sectors which have the kerb you want to modify. Open the sector and find a "Kerb Description" command. Inside it there are four distance values and three height values, see the picture to know what they mean. Then lower the height values a little. Redo this for all sectors in the same kerb. Also make sure if you're editing the correct kerb, looking at the "Side" value (left/right). To have an idea of realistic values, you can look at other similar kerbs to see what values they use.
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