Can someone help me?

Posted by pipki1312 
Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 07:23AM
Posted by: pipki1312
Hi gp4 fans in some gp4 mods have begun to discover these things.I use gp4 mods using CSM.
Anyone can help. Thank you.

link : []
Re: Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 08:01AM
Posted by: Bwoah10
what version of gpxpatch do you have?
Re: Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 08:50AM
Posted by: pipki1312
gpxpatch is v4.52
Re: Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 11:23AM
Posted by: Noog
Open the f1graphics.cfg file in your GP4 folder.

Make sure the top line says this:

1 ; f1graphics.cfg controls all settings (default 0)

Then further down, make sure this line reads:

0 ; Enable sky messages

Now, if the game still works, you should have lost the unwanted rev counter and the timer at the top of the screen.

To resolve the missing trackmap background, try pressing the 8 key several times. It probably won't bring the map back but it should eliminate the white space.

Resolving the grooved tyre issue might be more complicated. How about putting that to one side for now and fix the other things first?

Edit: I forgot to mention. While you're in your f1graphics.cfg file, take note of this line, which sits between the other two:

0 ; Enable track map (0 off, 1 arcade views only, 2 all non trackside)

As you can see, mine is set to 0, ie off, but when set like that you can press the 8 key and cycle through the three options.

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Re: Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 12:11PM
Posted by: pipki1312
Thank you for your advice it helped. It is OK
Interestingly, they immediately stopped working in the game CPU pullout function on the keyboard O _ cpu occupancy
Re: Can someone help me?
Date: October 05, 2019 12:47PM
Posted by: Noog
Yes, it would do - but you see that panel at the top of your screen? You can put the PO in there instead.

Open GPxPatch, go to the GPxCInfo tab and double click the entry that says defpanel.ini

Now click on the 'new' icon directly under where it says Info Items

Scroll to the bottom half and select PO.

Once done, click OK and you should now have the PO permanently in the panel at the top.
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