GPGCL - Season 13

Posted by shep34 
GPGCL - Season 13
Date: August 29, 2019 12:07PM
Posted by: shep34
GPGCL Round 1 - Melbourne

A glittering launch event for the re-birth of the highly lacklustre and not overly interesting GPGCL, run in conjunction with Season 13 of the GPGSL.
Results tallied from race results of the Main Race of each round. Drivers earn points for their team, with 1st place earning 22, 2nd has 21pts....all the way to 22nd place getting 1point.
Those points are combined per team, per round.
The standings reflect these results, with a system rewarding the Points Differential as the key sort field.

So, we present the results and current standings after Round 1 in Melbourne, and the fixture for Round 2 in Sepang.

GPGSL Team Owner Debut - Melbourne, Season 8 - present
GPGSL Test Debut - Hungary, Season 4. GPGSL Race Debut - Adelaide, Season 5.
Re: GPGCL - Season 13
Date: August 29, 2019 12:57PM
Posted by: shep34
Schedule for GPGCL Season 13, 2019-2020

With a season of just 14 races, the finals series i would LIKE to run, doesn't quite work. SO, i am doing some constructive thinking as i go along.....
So many world sports leagues, using different setups for finals/playoffs. Here in Australia (for the biggest code in the country) our AFL code uses a Final 8 system, which works extremely well - i am considering using this concept, BUT i am effectively 1 race short in the schedule.

Options for Final 4, 5 and 6 are being considered as the series deciders, over the last 3 races of the GPGSL calendar.
Also a possibility of a Final 8, but.... this would require 4 weeks of race results. Then there is the complication of having BYE's for all teams. So this may just complicate things too much.
The good old K.I.S.S. theory may just prevail.....

Another option is to ADD 1 race to the GPGCL equations, using the current Melbourne PERF's (no boost, so all things are as "equal" as they can be??) at a special venue. This then gives this series the flexibilty that I want, to run a Final 8 series at season's end....
Watch this space on this idea.....

Main thing to remember, this is all simply in the name of fun, and something totally light hearted, something i will amuse myself with over a beer.....

GPGSL Team Owner Debut - Melbourne, Season 8 - present
GPGSL Test Debut - Hungary, Season 4. GPGSL Race Debut - Adelaide, Season 5.
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