1998 cars and tyres by soulbringer & kedy89 [released]

Posted by kedy89 
1998 cars and tyres by soulbringer & kedy89 [released]
Date: August 11, 2019 04:49PM
Posted by: kedy89
So, got a little something for you to bridge the time until Duffer's 1998 works are finished. Initially meant to be released last year already, I kinda forgot about it until recently.

The files were created by soulbringer a couple of years ago already, I seem to recall he said it was some of his first works (correct me if I'm wrong ;)).
I only made some minor adjustments to shapes and textures, and packed it.

Enjoy :)

Download: [www.mediafire.com]

Pictures are quite old already, still should be pretty accurate though.

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ohh that's great, thank you very much Tobi and Vladimir :) (Y)
Big thank you guys! Even though I have had these cars for a while its awesome to see them get released. Great work! :)

And, blame me that it took longer than it should have. I should have helped with something that I could not help him with! ;)

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Nice surprise! (Y)
Yeah some of my very first work for GP4 right there.
Just to clarify tyre shapes are not mine, I did textures an remapped sidewall's. Back then Bridgestone's didn't have markings on inside walls.
Cars are incredibly low poly, still look good in those screens.
Thanks Tobi, great work.
Thanks! However, I assure you that Duffer's Mod is practically ready.
I will try to contact him again and request his release.
Thanks you guys.

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Hello, Can someone explain me how can I replace the original game cars with this ones? I am kinda new to editing gp4 and I don't know what tool I do need to do that.

I love 98 season <3
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