[Video] Grand Prix 4 Tutorials: How to Install Track (CSM & Non-CSM)

Posted by AzSchumy 
Hello! GP4 Tutorials are back once again. I've done the tutorials on how to install Grand Prix 4 Mods few months ago. I received a lot of question regarding the procedure to install circuits in this amazing game. I know there are some tutorials in the forum, but some people are visual learner. So I provide video especially to newbie who wants to involve with Grand Prix 4.

Basically, track installation in GP4 can be divided into three, this video will cover all of it.
1.) Trackpack Installation using TSM
2.) Standalone Circuit Installation using TSM
3.) Standalone Circuit Installation Non-TSM

Video Link: [www.youtube.com]

Hey AzSchumy

Thanks for posting this video. However, I am having trouble using TSM and I hope someone can help me.

Whenever I load a trackpack through TSM and start the game through CSM all the tracks in the GP4 main menu are blanked out and if I pick a track (by counting the track slots) and start a session - the original track appears - not the one that should be there in the trackpack!

An example is if I load the 1997 trackpack and go to track 17 - it should be Jerez, right. However when I go to the track it is Suzuka (just as in the normal GP4 tracklisting). When I try to look for Jerez in the other slots - it just doesn't seem to be there. I have had this trouble with the 1999 trackpack and also when I have tried to load an individual track. I have watched the video (5 times without blinking) and I have followed all the steps but I just cant get it to work.

Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated.
Hey AzSchumy

I forgot to mention that the video ends while you are showing how to install individual tracks without CSM but it does not look like the tutorial was actually finished. I am not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance
Hello! Sorry I did not provide narration for that video. I'll try my best to answer your question.

1. If the track does not appear, try check these boxes.

-Most of the mods have "load only the current track" on default. Meaning that track slot 2 to 17 are original tracks. Only one from installed trackpack.
-Try checking the "list" box as well and select track profile you want. Leaving it "none" will load the original track.

2. For non-csm track installation, you just replace trackname.wad in GP4 directory and S1DCTxx.dat in circuit section straight away. It will replace the track data from original game. But you need to do backup if you want to revert original version because it's permanent change. Using TSM they only swap data w/out permanent change to original tracks.
Thanks AzSchumy

I will try your suggestions for TSM and will let you know how it works out.
Hey AzSchumy

It was the load all tracks option in the Track Loading Method box that fixed it.

Thank you very very much !
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