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Unbelievable race! Wow!
Finally a race when nothing bad happen to us.

Nice to win the 200 th race of the series.
The team deserve this 2nd win in the team history (And my 2nd win too) after a such frustrating season so far.

Champagne and pizza for all... :)


Bad race for Toby having a DNF and my own race was poor dropping down three places to 9th place but still got some points for the myself and the team but not what I wanted.
I don't know what went wrong, probably lack of knowledge of the circuit and poor performance combined.


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Good data for the team, we'll take that forward to the last 5 races, maybe find ourselves a cheeky result here or there.

@Soutsen 100% just a rebrand of TNR, and as Tobi surmised, we shut down at season end. Very grateful for the chance to bring 2KF1 into the series even for just a handful of races.
Also thanks for the side view Tobi.. might need to fill it up a bit..
A disappointing result. The title hopes are fading

A 4th place os very good, great points for the team


Regarding the renaming of TNR 2.0 to 2KF1, the GPGSL can confirm that with the demise of team owner Dan Mills, the racing rights of TNR 2.0 have been handed on to the teams #1 race driver, Aiden Keranen, as per GPGSL rules.
Aiden has renamed the team 2KF1 and a new livery approved by the GPGSL, which will run the remainder of the Season 13.
Points from TNR will be kept, and any future points for 2KF1 will be added on to the TNR tally.

As of Season 14, Michael Soutsen will have first opportunity to enter his team due to he being the only one on the GPGSL Teams Reserve List, with 2KF1 to exit the series after the completion of this current season.

THE END. See you all in Baku.....

Could have one this 200th GPGSL race... but still, I took pole position and fastest lap in this 200th race event in the history of GPGSL.

2nd place is the best of this season so far and great points fot the team.

I feel bad for my teammate John, but you can still do it.

See you all in Azurbaijan.

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GPGSL Season 13, Round 9 - Dutch GP - Official Results

Dang... my Holden blew up the week that Holden blew up... disappointed!!
Very disappointing race but to be leading both drivers' titles leaves us in a good spot for the races to come.

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Is Kederer going to do a Rosberg? Winning the title with 1 (or 0?) victories?

Christel VXR driver #6.

11th, not bad and a point which is cool. Also congrats to my teammate winning the race. Proud of you, Paulo.
Great day to end 200th in a big way. :-)

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Fantabulous race from Paulo Silva. I loved the start 'à la Villeneuve' gaining two positions before the first turn, and obviously the last laps. Perfect race, proud of you and pretty happy we won the 200th one.

Solid race for Daly as well with a more conservative set-up, but we know what you can do.

EricMoinet écrivait:
> Don't blow the engine and at that rate you'll have a win.

See ?

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Another entire weekend written off as performance has gone down the drain.

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> EricMoinet écrivait:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Don't blow the engine and at that rate you'll
> have a win.
> See ?

I saw that, boss, i saw!

I just follow the orders... :)


Such a good boy!

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Not bad, we’re still there. Next race has to go even better.

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Applications for team and driver boosts for Round 10 AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX - Baku are now open. The closing date is 8pm GMT SATURDAY, 29th FEBRUARY 2020.
For team boost you must state whether your team requires a single boost or a double. Please use the subject "Team Boost - (team's name) - AZERBAIJAN/Baku"in - (Single/Double)[/b]". For drivers boost "Driver Boost - (driver's name) - AZERBAIJAN/Baku".
Boost applications must be sent to the GPGSL. Any applications not following these instructions will be rejected.

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SEASON 13 Race Calendar

The GPGSL reserves the right to change venues for S13

Round 01: AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX - Melbourne - Winner : Ruben Greidanus - MAC Racing
Round 02: MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX - Sepang - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 03: ITALIAN GRAND PRIX - Autodromo Nazionale Monza - John Warrington - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 04: BELGIAN GRAND PRIX - Zolder - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 05: GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH - Michael Pedersen - MAC Racing
Round 06: GRAND PRIX DU CANADA - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Carlos Rodriguez - Maverick Track Performance
Round 07: UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX - Circuit of The Americas - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 08: GRANDE PRÊMIO DO BRASIL - Autódromo José Carlos Pace - Michael Pedersen - MAC Racing
Round 09: GROTE PRIJS VAN FLEVOLAND - Emmeloord - Winner : Paulo Silva - Ecurie Mistral

Round 10: AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX - Baku - 20% Weather - 10 AI Errors (after TESTING)

Round 11: GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND - Hockenheimring (Classic Layout) - 20% Weather - 10 AI Errors
Round 12: EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - 75% Weather - 40 AI Errors
Round 13: PORTUGESE GRAND PRIX - Estoril - 15% Weather - 10 AI Errors (after TESTING)
Round 14: BRITISH GRAND PRIX - Silverstone Circuit (Layout TBA) - 50% Weather - 14 AI Errors

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Any RD volunteers for the upcoming Baku?

I am happy to take Free Practise one final time this season (based on the fact that as the season draws to a close, and me in contention for title, i want to step back from those RD duties!!).
If no one else wants to do Qual/Race, i will do them too....

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