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GPGSL Rd 8 Brazilian GP – Qualifying

Hello once again and welcome back to Interlagos, where we are just about ready for the qualifying session to begin for the race drivers. So far this weekend the weather has been quite generous, though that could potentially change quite quickly in an instant. Who will push their car to the limit across their two flying laps to take pole position? We’ll know for sure after 30mins has passed. Time to head trackside as the session gets underway.

Weather Report

It is McClure in the Mistral who is out first for the first group of drivers, and already the rain is coming down. We’ll just have to wait and see how it ends up affecting the laptimes.

Here is De Bruyker in the Tyrant. The team had requested for a livery change to be applied to their race cars a few rounds ago, and now it has finally been approved.

McClure sets the initial fastest time of the session.

Scala is next to set his time, and ends up more than a second faster. Could there be an issue with the Mistral?

Russell continues with his fantastic performance by going 2nd fastest.

Though he doesn’t hold it for long as Jalving manages to go faster.

Former champion Gilson slots into 4th.

A brilliant lap from De Bruyker sees the reigning champion take provisional pole.

Silva and Gustavo set their times, and there does seem to be an issue with both Mistrals.

Now it’s Worseling who has provisional pole.

Greidanus crosses the line and ends up in 8th, .5s slower than the current fastest time.

Buitenhuis goes 2nd fastest in the TNR.

Group 2 is now out for their first run, and it’s Soutsen who is first out.

It is 10th currently for the MMM driver.

Now it’s Keranen who takes provisional pole.

And now provisional pole goes to Pedersen.

5th for O’Neill in the Alpha.

Warrington goes 4th fastest. For him this weekend will be crucial if he is to remain in championship contention.

Rodriguez sets his time and ends up in 2nd.

The MTP driver doesn’t get to hold onto it for long as Vilela manages to go slightly faster.

Elleker’s time is good enough to see him go 3rd fastest.

Hinz however is unable to match Elleker’s pace and ends up down in 12th.

Sakata puts his Christel inside the top 10.

A blistering lap from Kederer sees the Alpha driver snatch provisional pole from Pedersen.

Time now for the second runs, and it’s Jalving who is out first for group one.

Jalving somehow manages to go faster and takes provisional pole.

17th to 4th for Gustavo after improving his time.

Silva manages to improve his time, but it’s only good enough for 13th.

Another change at the top. This time it’s Gilson who takes provisional pole.

A much better time for McClure sees him move up into the top 5.

It’s Scala now who takes provisional pole with a very fast time.

Greidanus improves, and finds himself two positions ahead of Pedersen.

Russell improves his time and slots into 3rd.

6th for De Bruyker after he makes an improvement to his time.

Buitenhuis comes from out of nowhere to take provisional pole.

Only to quickly lose it to Worseling who betters his laptime.

Time for group two to do their second run, and Kederer is the first one out.

Kederer sets a fast sector 1, only to find the Demon of Vilela ahead of him. He’ll surely be fuming underneath his helmet because of that.

Unbelievable! Despite being held up Kederer still manages to take provisional pole away from Worseling by being half a second faster. If not for the holdup it could very well have been even faster.

Vilela won’t be happy either knowing that he ruined Kederer’s lap as well as his own.

TNR definitely have some great pace here this weekend as Keranen is able to improve up into 2nd.

Warrington should be happy with 5th.

Hinz moves up into the top 3 with a pretty decent laptime.

Soutsen comes oh so close to snatching provisional pole away from Kederer.

Elleker gets close as well and slots into 3rd.

Rodriguez jumps all the way up into 6th with his improvement.

Pedersen improves, and ends up going faster than Kederer. Provisional pole for the MAC driver with only a few cars left to complete their lap.

Christel will surely be pleased with how well their drivers have been going so far. 6th for Sakata after improving on his previous time.

O’Neill manages to knock his teammate off the front row.

No improvement from Vilela thanks in part to his holding up of Kederer, and as a result starts from the last row of the grid for his home race.

The session finally comes to an end, and these are the final standings.

Congratulations Michael Pedersen and MAC Racing, the pole sitter for Rd 8. Next up is the race itself. Will the weather continue to be generous, or will we see it finally change for the worst? Be sure to join us again tomorrow when we bring you the coverage of the Brazilian GP, so until then it’s goodbye from Interlagos.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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GPGSL Rd 8 Brazilian GP Official Qualifying Result

Wow, what a lap. Absolutely stunning driving.

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5th and 8th is good. Well done guys :)

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First of all, congratulations michael,
you got P4 at the team's house, I'm sure we are all proud of you.

I apologize for the home crowd, it was a performance far below expectations today,
I will try to do my best in the race.

Dead last....


We took a bit of a gamble by going out first in the second run. The weather was so unpredictable, we tried and we failed. The lap was very good, but with less rain coming down, the track evolved and got much quicker.

Starting from P16 a lot is possible, tomorrow is another day :-)

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Great job by Michael, a very good result on our home race, Vitor had a bad luck, but we are positive he can do better in the race, also we may have an announcement after the race

Good position for the race of Sunday!



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Again f.cked by weather condition. :-(

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Weather played a big part in this disappointing qualify.. hopefully we can recover in race..

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Happy enough with 5th, but hopefully I can move forward in the race

An absolute lottery with the weather. A mixed up grid for the race though, which will be very interesting to see the race unfold.
Our DMR boys just lucked out with the changing weather, and timing of their runs - we are faster than this, so not all is lost. Both drivers into the points will be the aim come race day....

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Initially a bad qualification lap early on dropping to P22 then as a dry line was appearing on track I managed to pull off a good lap time knocking Toby off the front row and getting a P2 slot just a tenth of a second from getting Pole.
Hopefully this bodes well for the upcoming race barring any unforeseen difficulties.


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Good work by the strategy department. Having both cars out in the 2nd group was key to a good result.

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
Wet conditions didn't really like me. Oh well... Time for another recovery for the race or bust. :(
Great qualifying session from Alpha, that is some lovely stuff ;)

Dominik Karda | MAC Racing - #3 - Race Driver
Not bad, not bad.. still not pleased with my season, though!

Christel VXR driver #6.

Looks like we were caught out by the changing weather conditions as well. All we can hope for now is a clean race for both drivers and that they can work their way up into the points by race end.

Yeah, 4th place in the practise is really good, this season has been great
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