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Another mixed day on track for DMR. Free Practise wet weather didnt really allow us to truly see where our cars sat in terms of pace. Great to see myself up the order, while Gareth just missed the best of the conditions.
Qualifying again with the two cars at both ends of the field. Ought to provide some fun for the race. FIngers crossed we can dodge the inevitable carnage that Zolder WILL throw out....

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20th and 21th not the best way to welcome back mr. Daly McClure.... :(

BTW, it looks that Nico took my helmet for the testers race. I won't mind because it's a great helmet and i think everybody should use it. ;)


Good session for me. Looking forward to the race :-)

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Not much to say about our result in the Free Practice seeing that we had no chance to show our car speed thanks in part to the rain. Qualifying turned out ok with Warrington in 3rd and De Bryuker just ahead of the midfield in 11th. As long as both drivers don't get caught up in incidents we may have a good chance of scoring a double points finish.

P12, not so bad.

Tough season's beginning but i hope it will go better
Happy with fifth, just hope there's no issues in the race

First of all: Congrats to Luke Russell wth his pole position, he was the man to beat today. Great lap!

Taking the 4th time for us is not bad today.I think it shows we are not quickest at the moment, but we are fighting right behind.

I'm looking forward to the race, as I have some great memories at Circuit Zolder.

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Nicely done, again!
A very good qualifying for myself. Hoping I'll be able to turn that into a decent points haul. Hopefully Marcus can make his way up from the midfield too

happy with my qualifying :)
The pace just isn’t in the car at the moment.

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Apologies for the mess this race was. Even in dry conditions drivers had plenty offs when setting it up for the trackpack.

Any incident I missed I should be able to grab from the save, in case anyone would like to know what happened to him.

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Nurburgring 2007 levels of crazy on that corner... but of course, I had to slam the wall hard enough.

So I guess I'm having 2018 Daniel Ricciardo levels of luck this season.

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Well this is the best result so far this season... starting 11th and finishing 11th, next time top 10 ?

Congra to my teammate John, 2nd place is not bad my friend (Y)

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A miracle to see the chequered flag, before the pitstop I was Mr. Cannot Steer.

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Everything that could happen to us happened. Michael was doing an excellent race, but unfortunately had to leave the race. I Still not understanding what keranen tried to do, I started losing positions after what he did. I lost a lot of time just changing the front wing. I recovered several positions without making mistakes the entire race, and when it was about to end, I make a mistake and retire by crashing the car. it's unbelievable! :(

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Not a great race by myself, the strategy didn't work very well also... still, reaching the finish line did the magic ;)

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