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Disappointing start for my home race!

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Oof, thank you for bringing my car home in one piece, Chris!
Well 15th isn't the worst start for my very first session, happy to see i was able to keep up with my more experienced boss. Let's hope for a bit of chaos tomorrow to make some ground.
(By the way what's up with the sandshoe thing, hahaha)

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Test driver feature race


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Damn it was a fight to the last corner with Stuart for that final point scoring position, would have been great to start my career with a point. Still a nice race overall i think, brought the car home and felt competitive all the way through, couple of nice passes as well.
Hope mr. Greenhalgh is alright after his quite massive crash in the early laps, we'll be all awaiting news from him.

Sandro Calligaris

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Stupid, stupid clumsy error from me to ruin what was already an average day......

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Crystel looks fast, at least... looking forward to scoring my first points!
That was sad. :-(

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Lap 5 was quite the unlucky one for Alpha it seems...

at least I got the FLap I guess, haha :P

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Not a fan of the video coverage, but can't complain, Tobi does an amazing job to keep this series running

As for the session, the car was slow, Vitor and Myself had no chance

I can't believe what happened, I should have finished better. Anyway, the best thing now is to focus on the next race and not make the same mistakes.

Oh! Didn't realise the Testers were having a feature race... in that case woohoo! Very pleased to sneak forward a couple of extra spots ;) Good start to the season and a great home event.
natasp schrieb:
> Not a fan of the video coverage, but can't
> complain, Tobi does an amazing job to keep this
> series running
> As for the session, the car was slow, Vitor and
> Myself had no chance

I understand that picture coverages are much faster to look at, but they just take so much more time to do. Not counting the race time itself, I was at 10-15mins maximum for this one.

Tbh I don't expect anyone to watch the full video, I probably wouldn't either. Rather watch the start and first few laps, then skip through it.

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Not the best race for me in that one. At least Majumdar showed some good pace in the early stages of the race which is a good sign for the team going forward.

Dramatic start to the season!

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I’ll take that test race result. A solid start to the new season. Now let’s see if we can translate that into race pace in the real thing.

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Well, that was quite a tough start for MTP and it became obvious that we didn't do the best of jobs in the offseason.
It was expected that Anderson would need some time to adapt to the league and the car and he'll get all the time he needs. I already saw some promising aspects, so keep up the good work.
I could bring in my race routine and secure some points, so that was ok but not brilliant either.

To Carlos I can only apologize. Quality control of the new parts obviously didn't work well and I promise we'll have a better look into this from now on so that you'll get a more reliable car in the future.
At least Matteo secured us one point, but obviously this is not what we're aiming for in our 3rd season. We'll continue work on the car, though, be assured.

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Great debut for me :-) happy to have my first points in the pocket in my first race!

Very nice. Gilson moved towards the inside and I had no way to go. Ecxellent defending I would say :-/
Good sign though our car had good speed - potential podium slipped away :(

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