Tex file not showing within track?

Posted by F1Classicfan 
Tex file not showing within track?
Date: April 13, 2019 02:13AM
Posted by: F1Classicfan
Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I changed the starting lights on an older track, replacing the old lights on the Hockenheim 1993 track with the newer 5 red lights version. I followed the very helpful instructions given below:

1. Open GP4 file with GP4 builder find the appropriate starting lights objects and their assigned textures.
2. Export the object(s) as GP4 file(s).
3. Import the GP4 file(s) into the wad you want to change, i. e. 1993 track.
4. Move the object(s) to the right position and delete the old starting lights.
5. Save the GP4 file.
6. Add the textures of the new starting lights to the desired wad.
7. Compile a new wad file with the extra textures and updated GP4 file.

Now it worked great the first time, but I inadvertently deleted the wad. I reinstalled a fresh copy of 1993 wad, and followed the same steps again, but this time the starting lights do not seem to be in the game. The red lights come on but they are floating in mid-air, with nothing around them.

I am sure it is something that I am doing or not doing, but after the best part of two days playing around with it, I'm still stumped. Any advice would be appreciated.
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