Track building by TG - Grenzlandring 1952 - An old forgotten historical German race track

Posted by TGF1Driver2 
Hello guys, I decided to start a project to create a beta version of a quite unknown track located in north-western Germany quite near to the Netherlands. I just started working on the .dat-file, here are the first two screenshoots:



I know that it's not perfect, but it's a very start. And to start something is always the hardest part. ;) (Y)

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Now GP4Builder crashed and the file is gone. I forgot to save it before. :-( (N) The second attempt to make the .dat-file is even more ugly than the first one. And anyway, I'm not willing to do everything twice or three times because a nasty tool named GP4Builder is kidding me and crashes every five minutes for no reason! ;-( hot When I try to save the dat to "S1CT01" than it crashes every time with the message "Violation d'acces a l'adresse 70F2D8B6 dans le module "atioglxx.dll". Lecture de l'adresse 070BF000."

I need a better and less complicated tool to build tracks, I'm sorry. :( (N) The project is dead. :-( ;-(
This was the very last attempt of me to try to build a track. My force is not endless guys. I'm sorry! hot :(

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Shame it turned out like that - I recommend to try older versions of Builder, I find 1.841 best for my uses and more stable than new versions, so I never upgrade anymore.


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Well, it's ok. To build this track was just a spontaneous idea of me yesterday somewhere in the night. I realized today that I wouldn't have the time to go on working on it anyway. I'm sorry. :( :(
TGF1Driver2, iam sorry about whats happend with gp4builder. I know what feels when this happen.:(
I just love those old tracks of 50s and 60s. Iam still doing Avus51, for more than 1 year. :-o
If you need some support, i am ready.
Was just the .dat file?
... you should not be like this, you're so disappointed, it's happened to me a thousand times,
I know it's @#$%& up, but I never laid the towel on the floor, you should try it as often as it takes, it's an opinion, follow you or not... (B);-)


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Ripping Corpse, its 100% right!
i thing it happend all of us.
Thanks Pedro!(B)
@Pedro: I will never be such a great track builder as you are. Probably no one ever will. All the details around your tracks, and the perfection of the graphical objects, really amazing! :-O (Y)

@landex: I'll write you a pm.
"Violation d'accès à l'adresse 70F2D8B6 dans le module "atioglxx.dll". Lecture de l'adresse 070BF000." It's exactly the same message I got with my first attempt of making dat, the one of Linas-Montlhéry. I gave up cause I'm not skill, but you, you can improve your work, for sure. For consolation, take a look on this video of Grenzlandring Wegberg 1952 (Grand Prix Legends). Maybe it will help you. Cheers ;-) (Y)

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