[RELEASED] Track Détroit Belle-Isle 2017 (by ToJepo & Enders)

Posted by tojepo 

A big thank to Enders for permission to use the graphic part of his track (version rF)

to be used preferably with the excellents Indycar Mods of Ricardo (Rracunis)

Hope you like it

=► Download Track : detroit Belle-Isle 2017

Enjoy ;-)

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awesome, thank you :)
Thank you so much, tojepo.
Impressive fast track. Thanks for this very good work. Every detail well done : cc line, adverts etc. (Y)
Tojepo you are fantastic
You are the man!

For a list of EVERY download for GP4, look here:[docs.google.com]
almost incredible! Thank you for you effort!!!(Y)
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much, tojepo.
It is so fast the track.
But the amazing thing, are the light of the lamps! WOW!(H)(G)
Many thanks :)

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Thank you so much Topejo for the track , a trackpack for the Indycar MODs would be great and we already have many tracks available .
Amazing man! Tks!

Mods NO-CSM LJack
Very nice, Mr. Tojepo. I really appreciated this one.

Great Tojepo!
Thank you very very much


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Awesome. Looks great!!
Fantastic work again!!! Thanks Tojepo!! Well done!! (Y)(Y)

Glenn (Cdn)
Just ran the track and what great racing circuit! I have a bug, though, in that when I am in the pits, there are no pit crew members and the lower half of the screen (actually 60-65%) is solid white(?). Has anyone else run into this? Not to complain - it doesn't affect any running. Being a Yank and vivid Indycar fan, I am giddy about another Indycar circuit for GP4. I wonder if Toronto is in trhe works anywhere. Thanks again!
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