GPGSL S12 R14 Flevoland GP - Rubendrome, Emmeloord [Testers Q&R p.122 | Quali p.123 Race p.124!!!]

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Rod_vs Schreef:
> I think Luis is first spanish to join to GPGSL!!!

Nope, Alonso made his racing career debut in the gpgsl. :)

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?

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Hi, glad to be here! Thanks to Mac for the opportunity, hopefully this will be a solid season where I learn how this championship works. Can't wait to start :)
Turbo Lover Wrote:
> Nope, Alonso made his racing career debut in the
> gpgsl. :)

You're wrong Ruben, it was Pedro de La Rosa, when he was 12 years old ;)

So the new Christel is ready. Is anyone able to do me some renders please?

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

Tobi, Greg & I are currently the ones able to do them. Just make your choice and send the files.

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I can do some, just send me the psd

Some mods
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Great to see a season getting scraped together as all the teams now have announced their race lineups

Also going to make my track vote public just in case if anyone wants to see what tracks has been voted at least once and therefore have more chances to pass the voting.
> Brno
> Dubai
> Istanbul
> Jarama
> Uqbar

Really hope that Uqbar and Jarama will make it onto the calendar.

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Track Vote Update.....

Ok, so we have 1 person so far out of 17 that voted for a track not on the list, and a track pretty much officially ruled out of contention - a track in a principality near the south of France. The person who voted for that track IS welcome to re-cast their vote if they wish to do so.... you know who you are! (H) No names required to be publicised there....

A growing trend in 17 voting forms recieved, with some clear favourites, and a couple of total lack of interest.

Keep the votes coming people!

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

CaptinFranko Wrote:
> []

Looking forward to seeing a new livery.....

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Christel are Back!

Christel Racing are pleased to present the car that will mark our return to season 12 of the GPGSL, THE CVR12. Gone are marquee sponsors Apple and Coca Cola as well as the traditional red and white colour scheme. In comes a new stylish blue look featuring minimal sponsorship from VXR, Haybarn Glass and tyre supplier Michelin. Piloted by Jake Legge and Luke Russell this is the car that will hopefully start a bright and successful new ear in the GPGSL for the Norfolk based team.

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

Looks great, looking forward to getting the season underway

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Fantastic car, Chris!!!

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wow nice looking car!
Alpha Motorsports Season 12 Launch
Alpha Motorsports has launched their new car in Sydney tonight.
Ed Greenhalgh
I'm excited to reveal our revised look - after a great first season on our return, I'm looking forward to building on our results next season. Thanks to our lead driver Tobias who kept busy in the off season designing another excellent livery. Sean showed some great promise late on Season 11 and I think he will breakthrough this season for even better results. As for myself, I hope I can improve my test form over last season and provide some better setup feedback now we only have one test driver.

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Nice looking car Ed ;-)

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Great looking cars, wow :-o

Good afternoon.

I want to hear from you which of the recent racing games is best suited to put together a custom and personal MOD. To play offline, really. In short, I want to create my own MOD, with the cars I choose, with the personalized paintings, in as much as I can.

I want to join GPGSL and GPGSL-3 carsets, totaling 40 cars.

Is there any game I can do this?

Thank you!

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GPGSL-3: champion in 2007/2013/2014!
GPGSL-4: testdrivers champion in Season 11!
Are we still able to use last years model car?

Retro Liveries on the SMD-ZG02![]
Retro Renders 2.0 on the SMD-ZG02LN![]
Macca25 Wrote:
> Are we still able to use last years model car?

ZG02 I think can still be used, but IMO I think it's best to update to either the ZG02HN or ZG02LN model.

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