GPGSL S12 R14 Flevoland GP - Rubendrome, Emmeloord [Testers Q&R p.122 | Quali p.123!!!]

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Tables are done. Will review and post in the next 24hrs hopefully.

As for next round at Kyalami, i am once again happy to do the Free Practise for the test drivers. Might OFFICIALLY declare i will do a FEATURE RACE for that session - been too long between race action for our test drivers.

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Absolutely F***** by the rain :-(

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13th place finish and some points. Bad race for Toby with engine failure.
10th in the end... could've been much more without that silly mistake in the beginning of the race. Still, the points are good, no matter how much.

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My deepest apologies to Carlos for that unlucky pit stop call. But with the rain hanging dangerously over the track on the weather radar, we just had to split the tactics to make sure that one car stays in the contest, no matter what. Nothing you could have done better, mate, it was just unlucky with the weather.
Great drive by Matteo on the other hand. I still am a bit sour that he lost quite a lot of time, again, at the pit stops. Who knows, a podium might have been possible without this loss of time. But still, 4th is the best position we could have hoped for, given the circumstances. Keep it up!

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Very happy with that result :-) Great job by the team on the pit strategy, wasn't expecting to win here, but the pit stop came at the perfect time to deal with the rain.

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Ahhhhh man that's disappointing, perfect drive but the win taken away by rain

Last on the grid and last in the race, isn't that great?

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Completely off the pace. Last of the running drivers while my team mate takes 2nd place. Congratulations to him!

I am feeling like Bottas atm... :)


Points are in the bag! I love the rain sometimes



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Aw man, wish I could have tested my non-existent wet weather skills :P


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Once the rain started we lost the little pace we had, Dan was doing a marvelous job but the car was just awful this weekend, hopefully we can bounce back next round

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Mixed feelings but overall I'm happy I kept the car on the track and pointing in the right direction. Shame about Jack's race. That should have been a podium.

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I'm happy with the result today, some handy points gained.

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Moving further the pit stop just to have rain come down just a few laps later... luck wasn't on my side I'd say. Still a great race for me :-)

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Safe to say I was a tad worried when I was on inters and had lost so much time to other cars around, dropping to 11th from 9th beforehand. But the team definitely made the right call, and a top 5 position in the race is just what we deserved as a result.
Things are going nicely at the moment, hopefully we can continue this form.
More than happy with Daly's 2nd place. That was a gamble but it proved to be right. Nicely done, man (Y)

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Round 6 - Brazilian GP - Official Results Tables

mid table battle looks really close

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