Prblanco's WIP Track Files - Losail .dat Nov 14th

Posted by Prblanco 
Cara, como que eu faço pra mudar os adboards e garagens de uma pista?

Tentei fazer isso em Imola e não consigo colocar no jogo de jeito nenhum!
Re: Prblanco's WIP Track Files - Losail .dat Nov 14th
Date: November 24, 2021 11:02PM
Posted by: Prblanco
Oi @luquinhacosta94, você já assistiu os tutoriais no YouTube da F1virtual ( Aqui tem o básico da edição de pistas, e os vídeos acompanham legendas em português.

Hi @luquinhacosta94, have you watched the tutorials on F1virtual's YouTube ( You can find the editing basics here.

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Hi guys
Can you help me...i have only the .dat file of burke lake is possible to convert in .wad file. Or where i can find the respective .wad. or is possible to use another .wad file thanks so much.
Re: Prblanco's WIP Track Files - Losail .dat Nov 14th
Date: November 26, 2021 01:03PM
Posted by: viking75
I answered you in the Burke lakefont thread but I think it's better that I send you the files. Here are the originals by lausderdmann and Ginoblad but please use the dat I posted, i think it's the one you have.


You'll found my dat here :

Thank you very much a lot a lot. Tres gentile. Merci. As soon. Ciao. Maverick
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