[Fictional Circuit] Jangka-Mardarni Circuit - v1 Release

Posted by AUS_Doug 
[Fictional Circuit] Jangka-Mardarni Circuit - v1 Release
Date: December 05, 2016 05:58AM
Posted by: AUS_Doug
Track name: 		Jangka-Mardarni Circuit
Author: 		AUS_Doug
Version: 		1.0
Date: 			5th December 2016
Build Time (Version): 	~ Many Hours
Build Time (Total): 	~ Many Hours
Requires:               Latest GPxPatch

Archive Includes:
.wad file
.dat & .ini files for four different seasons:
Jangka1993 - Configured for v1 of the GP4 Central 1993 Mod, should work with v2: [www.gp4central.com]
Jangka1994 - Configured for v2.0 of the 1994 Mod: [www.grandprixgames.org]
Jangka1996 - Configured for the 1996 mod: [www.grandprixgames.org]
Jangka2002 - Configured for the 2002 mod: [www.grandprixgames.org]
If playing the original 2001 season, the .dat for 2002 is probably the best for you.

Download Link: Mediafire
Screenshots: Imgur

Circuit Description:
Located approximately equidistant between Darwin and Alice Springs in the Northern Territoy, the Jangka-Mardarni ('defeat, overcome by use of superior skill' in the local Warlpiri language) circuit
is a bold initiative by the Northern Territory's peak tourism body to bring world-class motorsport events and their audiences to this remote part of Australia.

The 4.237 Kilometre circuit features 11 turns (7 right, 4 left), spectactular elevation changes (most notably the crest preceeding the blind and downhill final corner), and boasts a high average speed.
* The technical - but fast - first sector demands a high-downforce setup and maximum commitment through the uphill left-right 'S'.
* Sector two requires drivers to navigate the long & fast loop at turn 6 and the fast left hander of 7, before allowing them to open the throttle for the downhill run through turns 8, 9 & 10
* Sector three begins at the exit of turn 10, just as driver begin the climb to the crest before 11, which is a blind downhill plunge away to the right, leading on to the main straight.

Currently under construction - with grandstands and pitlane & hospitality facilities the most notable absentees - the circuit is slated for official opening sometime in early 2017, but the track itself is 'race-ready' and has already hosted a number of events.

Key Notes
* Last on the brakes into turn 1 is crucial.
* Car setup is key here; trim off too much downforce to maximize your straight line speed, and you can lose whole seconds very easily.
* Tyres. Tyres, tyres and tyres. You'll know when they're too far gone, because you will die at turns 4, 7, 8 & 11.
* Too slow through turn 11, and you'll be eaten for breakfast down the long straight.

Danger Zones:
* Turn 1 - If you pick up speed in the slipstream, watch your braking points....and watch out for anyone diving up the inside.
* Turn 4 - Very easy to get over-eager on the kerbs or clip some gravel. If this happens, you'll hit the wall or be spat across the track into traffic
* Turn 5 - The wall on the exit is much closer than you might think...and seems to get closer as the race goes on and your tyres wear.
* Turn 6 - Very easy to grab the gravel on the exit; That catch fence isn't for show.
* Turns 7 & 8 - Be very careful once your tyres start to wear, even more so if it's wet.
* Turn 10 - Looks safe enough, but the gravel can sneak up on you if you go for a pass on the outside.
* Turn 11 - Very fast. Like, really fast. Lose control on the kerb, or on the gravel on entry, and your day is over.

Finally, I've seen a track through to 'completion'.
I don't know how many .dat files I've gone through over the years, only to abandon for some reason or another.
I've been at this one for ages, and am quite happy with it.
For sure it's lacking a bit graphically - my Grandstands and TV Screens kept bugging out - but, that aside, I think it's quite OK.
I learnt so much through the course of this, and have already started work on my next project.
* The CC-Line could be better in places but, while the AI might lose out in a couple of corners, they're damn-near perfect through the final corner which gains them a bunch of time.
* The outer and inner terrain.....well it isn't perfect to say the least. I've tidied it up as best I can, but either I went about making it wrong or I'm just not good/patient enough.
* There might be some glitches with some signage, but that could also just be my F1Graphics.cfg, as it happens on a lot of circuits.

Laurent for GP4 Builder.
Everyone who has ever written a tutorial on - or asked or answered a question on - Track Editing; Chances are you helped me a great deal.
Anyone who's tracks I pulled apart to see how things were structured.


EDIT: 26th May 2017 - Changed link from Google Drive to Mediafire.

F1 Graphics Swapper --- Lensdump - Renders and Screenshots --- GP4 Performance Generator

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Thanks a lot for sharing Doug . Very nice track :-)
The track looks great! So bad, my harddrive crashed, so that I cannot play GP4 currently :-(.
Congratulations! Thanks!
Thanks very much for this! Great work, it's nice to see more fictional tracks, the imagination behind some of the tracks I've played for GP4 has provided me with great inspiration :)
Hope to share one myself in the not too distant future :)

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Easter Island Circuit
Congratulations!!!!! (B)


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Keeping alive the GP4
link mediafire ?
Doug you've done it again!(Y)

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I don't know why the Google Drive link has stopped working, so I've changed it to Mediafire.


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