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Posted by Isaint 
Heikki would it be possible to share your tyres?
Sudden écrivait:
> Wow!!! These 1997 cars look gorgeous!! I'm very
> glad to see that, probably, new HQ 1997 cars are
> on the way!
> The Jordan looks like the one in F1c as titi01170
> said. The Sauber I don't know, but the Tyrrell
> seems to be new, also the Benetton!!
> Now you will think that I'm crazy or something
> like that, but the Benetton looks like the Ferrari
> '97 (look the "Question: F1 1997 mod?" topic, the
> soulbringer's renders or just the Ferrari
> converted from VRC to take an example), with
> Benetton colours. At least it looks like that when
> I look at the nose, and the sidepods ("triangular"
> form very similar than 1997's Ferrari), but maybe
> it's just my (wrong) appreciation hehehe
> In any case, they look gorgeous, thank you very
> much and also looking forward to other pics,
> always beautiful!! :D

Oh good eyes Sudden! I don’t seen it!
Yes the Benetton seems to be like the Ferrari!
Maybe just normal, the game is a WIP (same for the Jordan)

Stay tuned for other good pictures!



Beautiful! :)

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Sexy shots!

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Really great shots! It seems to be a really good quality! ;)

I have just an observation between this one and the real one:

- the real one seems to be more finer on the front of the car, at the nose of the car.

Just some screens to illustrate my comment:

Don't you agree? :)

Anyway it stills a really pleasure to see this screenshots ;)

Best regards,
Beautiful Hega!

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OK, I'm getting tempted to weigh in on these 1997 cars now, I've got too many WIP cars on the go

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Do it Kev! ;)

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Lovely screenshots once again, Hega!! :D Even if the Jordan is the one from F1C (car made 15 years ago), here it still looks awesome!!

About titi01170's post... absolutely right!! If someday there comes a new 1997 Jordan, I'm sure that it will be like the real pics hehehe
Now that you say that... I have an idea. I don't know if I should say the following thing, because I'm not a modder, but if this can be a helpful idea or something... here it is:
*Probably would be a good idea to PM Soulbringer. In January (2019) he did show renders of six 1997 cars (in my personal opinion, the best ones I've ever seen for any platform, to this date), but he said that he was very busy and had no time to continue working in them. They're McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Prost, Jordan (it seems very similar compared to the real pics that titti01170 posted), and Benetton.

Williams and Ferrari would be up to you, because the VRC conversions are also very very good (I specially like that Ferrari), but the rest of them... + Arrows already released, would be 7 HQ cars in progress, with "only" the backmarkers to go (Sauber, Stewart, Tyrrell, Minardi and Mastercard Lola).

Of course, this is a humble idea with the only aim to help hehehe
About the pics, thank you very much for all of them!! It's a pleasure, a gift for my eyes ^^

Thanks for the tip but I think soulbringer already told us very clearly what the situation is :)

"Do not get yours hope up just yet" - I'm not getting my hope up.

"There is still bunch of work to be done" - Yes, what you are seeing is just plain 3d models. They look awesome but still a long way to go. Even more so if they are not UV mapped yet, we don't know.

"Plan is to continue work on this project right after 2002 is done" - Well, that sums it all up. It's his work and he decides what to do and when.
Yeah, we got to respect Vladimirs and the time he is putting into this. But for the 97 cars, maybe someone more can help?

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@Heikki, about what I told you via PM, I don't think my friend and I will be able to help you make '97 cars.
This is because he is much better at drawing, even 3D, artistic and much less schematic.

If you feel like doing the work on the seven remaining 1997 teams you would do me a favor, because '97 is my absolute favorite season!
However there is no hurry, take your time and maybe have someone help you ...

91 mod with some 92 shape
would you mind to share your tyres 97 Heikki?

2019 Hockenheim WIP

Glenn (Cdn)
Nice job, Glenn(Y)
Wonderful! Thanks in advance Glenn
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