Red Bull RB12 livery for Williams FW15C [1.0 Release; Template and Resources included]

Posted by AUS_Doug 
Title: Red Bull RB12 livery for Williams FW15C Chassis
Version: 1.0
Description: Livery for the carshape by Diego Noriega (Öggo)
Base: Öggo's Chassis and Template
Editor(s) used: GIMP

[]Download Link v1[/url]

Full-Size (1920x1080)

* 'Resources' folder, containing some photographs and sponsor logos.
* 'Screenshots' folder, containg in-game screenshots.
* Two .tex files, ready for in-game use; 'FW15C' (2048*2048) and 'hi_FW15C' (4096*4096)
* One .tga file, 'FW15C' (4096*4096)
* One. xcf file (the native format of GIMP) for use as a template.
* Readme.txt

Information (Please see enclosed Readme.txt for all information.):
You'll need Öggo's shape obviously, as well as the 'carbfbd' and 'FW15C_cockpit' files to go with it.
Downloadable from GP4DB: []

The 4096*4096 textures might be too big for some PCs to handle, so resize them if you have issues.

I was quite pleased with how the RS16/F93A combo turned out, so I thought I'd have a crack at another of this year's gorgeous liveries.
I'm quite interested in seeing how the car looks at Bahrain; Many suspect that large parts of the paint scheme might have a fluorescent effect under lights.

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Wow, these skins are really cool. I love the redbull skin, it looked really good on T.V. I can't wait to seet the fluorescent effect.

Once again great work Ausdoug, this is a great idea.
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