Mods 80,82,83,84 and 85 by Ripping Corpse. Mediafire links at the start of the thread.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Hello everyone,

Well it seems that people were having problems to download these mods.
I asked Pedro for permission to upload and post the links, he acepted.
IS ALL CREDITED TO PEDRO, im just uploading so users can have the mods, nothing more.

1980 csm mod by Ripping Corpse

1982 csm mod by Ripping Corpse

1983 csm mod by Ripping Corpse

1984 csm mod by Ripping Corpse

1985 csm mod by Ripping Corpse

Be nice and say thank you ok (Y)

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it's great from you Jorge, thank you for the contribution :)(Y)
Thank you Jcaranti and thank you Ripping Corpse (Pedro). (B)
Thanks! Big Thanks!!!
Thank you very much!
Thanks Jorge and Pedro(Y)

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Great finally! Thanks for uploading all of them again (Y)

My workthread with all RELEASED and WIP stuff

Thank-you Jorge for posting the links. It is very kind of you. I really appreciate this. (Y)

And Thank-you Pedro, for continually providing joy and happiness through your amazing mods.(*)
Mod 1983 impossable downloading
Canadian76 Wrote:
> Mod 1983 impossable downloading

Well, everyone doesn't have that issue.
To be honest, he's right. What we got it's the source code... :(
Even changing "view" from "download" from the link, there's only a small file of 33kb. With the right link as for other mods, should be everything fine. :-)

My workthread with all RELEASED and WIP stuff

I'll be using some of these in my Legend's Trophy championship.

Excellent work.


Anyone else having issues downloading the 1983 MOD? The download page doesn't load properly, then when I click the download link at the top of the screen it gives me the option to download a file that's less than 1MB in size, compared to the >200MB files for the other years.

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Ill upload the mod tonight and pist new link. Sorry(Y)
New link for the 1983 mod.(Y)
Thank you for all the links! (Y)
Thank you!
Downloaded the 1980 mod yesterday. Incredible stuff! Mega thanks, Pedro, and jcaranti for the uploading.
How can I install the mods? Help me please!
PatrickTambay Wrote:
> How can I install the mods? Help me please!

Install zaz tools.
Use the FAQ, their is a tutorial that i created for windows 10.
Unfortunately, the Zaz Tools's link has malware. :(
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