2002 Mod ::: Minardi PS02 [released] ::: Mod v1.8 [released]

Posted by kedy89 
suuuuuuuuuper Tobi(Y)
Nice work! Great update! (Y)


it's great to see this beauty ingame
@AFry Agree. First time for me as well (to see it ingame).
Looks fantastic!

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Amazing , great job (Y)
Fantastic work! Looks great! :)

Ice Hockey is my Religion!
Minardi PS02 released!

by soulbringer and kedy89

The Minardi PS02 is now available for download in the first post. 4 different shape configurations, and 16 different liveries.
For their proper use please see the readme, which hopefully gives an easy to understand explanation.
Tweaker settings are included.
To install it to the mod, first delete the Data\Cars\Minardi folder, then copy the content of the 7z file to the Data folder.

Thanks to AUS_Doug for AO maps and J├╝rgen (quickslick) for testing!

I plan to release a v1.8 of the mod over the next couple of weeks, which will include the BAR and Minardi, and probably some other changes I did since the last release but can't remember anymore.

Some mods
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Fantastic work, thanks :)
Very well done!! Thanks!! (Y)

Glenn (Cdn)
a very big thanks for this beautiful car to both of you :)(Y)
Thank you very much kedy89. Wonderful job as usual, keep up your excellent work (B) :-)
Thank you guys, another beautiful car :)
Ace render Kedy. This is one of the cars I'd dreamt about making, such a pleasure to see it completed. Thank you to all involved AUS_Doug, quickslick and of course Kedy89.
I would love to see some screenshots though ;-)
one more from the beauty :)

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