Le Mans 2015 closed LMP

Posted by shlund 
Le Mans 2015 closed LMP
Date: April 10, 2015 11:15AM
Posted by: shlund
Abdelkader made a great job in adjusting the original carshape from P. Lamaire into this closed LMP carshape for LeMans MOD's.

Many thanks to original creator P. Lamaire and Abdelkader. Minor adjustments done by shlund....

The closed internal cpit would need some adjustment in order to look more like a real closed LMP cpit. It would be nice if the right side of the cockpit could appear just like the left side with mirror, and all windows were made a little bit smaller to illustrate the compact LMP cpit.... Is someone up for the task?? :)

If you don't like the closed cpit (from drivers view) you can import the cpit from the open LMP carshape available here on this site as well. A beta-2014 LeMans carset is adjusted to fit the carshape and also available in download section.
open | download - Closed LMP carshape.zip (106.1 KB)
Re: Le Mans 2015 closed LMP
Date: May 12, 2015 11:46AM
Posted by: shlund
Closed LMP 2015 carshape, reworked cockpit with lower front window screen ...
open | download - Closed LMP carshape with better cpit.zip (58.9 KB)
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