2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**

Posted by andreigp4 
Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 08:18AM
Posted by: EC83
What a cracker of a race right now - and so much potential for action. Look how heavy the rain is in the distance!!

Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 08:39AM
Posted by: Slash
safety car, great!... Petrov causing an accidnt, emotionally driven..... not fair.. very dangerous.. Massa missed the braking zone as well.... bad driving there
Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 10:44AM
Posted by: Incident 2k9
Pretty good race, Vettel dominated the rest of the pack. I enjoyed the fight between Hamilton and Webber, and Alguersuari drove ANOTHER good race. Toro Rosso would be wise to keep him.

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Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 05:16PM
Posted by: J i m
Vettel wins again, there's just no stopping him when he puts in his customary flawless performance.

I think the Red Bull was just that bit better than the Mclaren today, so 2nd place for Hamilton was an excellent result. Button should perhapps been 3rd but that was always going to be a mountain to climb after that 1st lap. He did classic Button today slow start, look after the tyres reel them in at the end of the stints. Didn't work today, the Red Bull was just too good in sector 3 and so he couldn't stay close enough to get DRS. It looked like the McLarens were pretty evenly matched overall which is good news for them if they can have on form Hamiltons and Buttons in a car that can take the fight to Red Bull next year.

Good drive by Webber gutsy first lap to get himself ahead of the Ferraris, was scuppered by Hamilton's superior traction later on.

Good late charge by Alonso, nice try with the radio call. A incident free race for Massa, who'd have thought it?!

Decent showings by Alguersauri to take best of the rest honours, Di Resta to scrape into the points, Barrichello to finish in front of something other than a Lotus and Kovalainen to beat both Saubers apparently on merit.

Lols of the day to be awarded to Petrov for forgetting the need to brake and taking out Schumacher. And a special mention to DC for awarding the drive of the day to everyone in the top ten.

Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 06:27PM
Posted by: SchueyFan
I think Alguersuari's race showed why this is quite an interesting track, as it allows for teams to go for strategy gambles to either have their cars suit the straights of Sector 1 or the flowing corners of Sectors 2 and 3.

Anyway, Alguersuari was fantastic. Buemi was pretty good too, and now Toro Rosso might even get past Sauber in the standings.

It was a pity that the Ferraris lost time at the first pitstop phase, as otherwise we would've had a race long 5-way battle for 2nd place, which would've been fascinating.

EDIT: Brundle's line that Petrov's "Russian nowhere at the moment" was both epic and cringeworthy at the same time! ;)

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Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 16, 2011 08:45PM
Posted by: alonso0506
Well Race wasnt that exciting but ok anyway Start was good from fernando from what i saw in replays but no places won there.

First laps nothing special and all did quite well.

Then 1st pit stops and felipe had bad luck with traffic and he had to wait or was it his 2nd stop.

Petrov and Schumi lol petrov just braked as late as fernando did but both braked too late but sadly for vitaly and michael there was no room for braking late lol

I was waiting for Webber to make a dive somewhere all race on lewis but happend only once in t1 and lewis had drs so got place back.

Fernando catching like crazy at end but wasnt enough as he struggeld with tyres earlier and poor felipe was doin good all weekend but bad luck with pitstops.

For Senna dunno what he was doin i thaught he could jump a few cars with early pitstop but didnt happen and at end the lotus boys nearly catched him so bad enough.

Alguersuari and Buemi did very well p7 and p9 could get close between FI,Sauber and STR last few races.

Dunno what to excpect from India in 2 weeks but maybe we all will be surprised.


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Re: 2011 Korean GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 19, 2011 02:33AM
Posted by: EC83
SchueyFan Wrote:
> EDIT: Brundle's line that Petrov's "Russian
> nowhere at the moment" was both epic and
> cringeworthy at the same time! ;)

It was the kind of thing only Brundle could get away with, and I've noticed he tends to throw in terrible one-liners like that every so often when he's commentating, as if he's trying to see how far he can push it without one being an epic fail. Definitely, if witty lines were pizzas, that one was a 4 Formaggi.

His response to Schumacher's snub on the grid was epic too. :D

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