Could an F1 driver achieve the Triple Crown in a single calendar year? (Fantasy? Maybe... Maybe not)

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I've been thinking about this, based partly on Fernando's achievements outside of F1 lately, and partly because F1 seems to be developing a more openminded mentality towards F1 drivers participating in other motorsports during a season.
It would be extremely difficult - for one thing it would need the Indy 500 and Monaco GP to be held on separate weekends, but that has happened before, in 2000 for example - but that shouldn't mean it's completely impossible.
(Also, I was thinking of the Triple Crown as Monaco GP + Indy 500 + Le Mans, but since the Triple Crown can alternatively be defined as Indy 500 + Le Mans + F1 title, that one might be easier to do in a single calendar year, although I think all 4 might even be possible.)
I'm an eternal optimist, but I don't see why it shouldn't be doable in exceptional circumstances.

Feel free to discuss!

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I very much doubt it to be honest! Winning the Monaco GP is usually the result of having a car that is in the mix for the title, or at the very least competitive. So even if the Indy 500 and Monaco aren't occupying the same weekend, I don't think a competitive F1 driver will take time out of his seat to nip across the pond and acclimatise to Indycars. Alonso did, but his McLaren was nowhere near the front. I don't think it'll ever happen in my lifetime! ;)

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salvasirignano Wrote:
> I very much doubt it to be honest! Winning the
> Monaco GP is usually the result of having a car
> that is in the mix for the title, or at the very
> least competitive.

Try telling that to Oliver Panis in 1996!!


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Triple Crown is F1 Title, Le Mans and Indy, not Monaco. The confusion is because Graham Hill (the only one to achieve the Triple Crown) had also the Monaco's win record at the time he died. Which would make it a Quadruple Crown if it existed.

As of the original topic, I'd say the good question would be: "Could a driver achieve the Triple Crown one day ?"
A couple American drivers won both Indy and Le Mans but never really made it in F1, Andretti failed at Le Mans but won an F1 Title. But all that is old story now. Fernando is in good place to achieve it. Still he needs a good car for Indy, and a bit of luck in that lottery.

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It depends on the race schedules. If races don't run parallel or you have such a lead in the F1 championship that you can afford to miss two races, why not? Especially if you have already gathered experience in the other series and don't have to start from scratch.

I know it's highly unlikely, but not completely impossible under the right circumstances.

Never happen. In the glory days of the sport - the 1960s - the best F1 drivers, Clark, Hill, Stewart, Rindt, Gurney, would go out of their way to compete at Indy because of the immense prestige and MONEY of the event. These men in today's world would make so much money and be so restricted by contractual obligations, they wouldn't do it. The 500 may still be the world's largest sporting event, but not so far out there as it once was, although it is making a comeback following Tony George's disastrous IRL split.
Alonso won't manage it, it was a little bit arrogant of them to think they could just turn up there and walk it. Their farcical attempt this year was rather amusing. :)

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How about a left field answer Jenson Button, F1 champ and Monaco, still racing ish lol, What do you think !!
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