The Official 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Thread ***SPOILERS with very high downforce***

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2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

It's totally been raining and that. Rain-affected Quali coming up!

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quite entertaining quali, though I wouldn't have minded seeing the Mercedes way further down the order, and Hulk a bit further up.

F2 was nice as well, sick wet track driving by Norris. Not so sick once they switched to slicks.

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It was really entertaining, and I can't remember a Quali session before where slicks, inters and wets were all necessary at different stages! Surprisingly "normal" grid order, really, considering how crazy the weather had been.

Apart from Lewis, the outstanding performances came from Sainz and the Toro Rosso drivers IMO.

It still sets up an interesting race, even if the weather is dry tomorrow, assuming Ferrari have a performance advantage in dry conditions.

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Wow, that one came alive at the end. Bottas demolition derby. How Vettel's tyre survived that is a minor miracle.

Nice win by Lewis.

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First class borefest, was asleep for most part of the race...

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It was mainly boring, yeah, but I found it interesting to watch the strategy play out between Hamilton and Vettel.

I think the late-race collision between Bottas and Vettel, with Vettel escaping, could figure in the title battle. Because he got up to 2nd Vettel is still within 25 points of Hamilton, with several races coming up where Ferrari should have a pace advantage. I honestly can't remember seeing a tyre-to-front wing contact like that where the front wing got so badly damaged which didn't immediately puncture the tyre.

From what I've heard/read Ferrari f'ed up Vettel's stop, which kept him behind Bottas. And as long as wingman Bottas was there, Hamilton's win never was in any danger.

Yeah quite surprising that Vettel could continue after that.

Ferrari should've won this and last race, yet they didn't. Can't see them catching Hamilton in the remaining races. Constructors' should be possible though, looking at Bottas' rather poor results this season.

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Heads really need to roll at Ferrari, time after time after time they make terrible strategy calls, stuff things up, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They last won a championship 10 years ago, says it all really!
For the amount of money they are spending it's quite embarassing.
And to add to it, when Ferrari don't mess up, Vettel throws it away with mistakes, rashness and out and out stupidity.

I dislike Hamilton immensely, but he is by far and away the best driver of the two, and when his Mercedes isn't the quickest he's still up there taking home a good haul of points, or even winning, like yesterday.

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I think the time Vettel lost in traffic in the laps before his stop put Bottas in leapfrog range and the slow Ferrari stop ensured the fail. Yeah, I think they've gone back to the chaotic organisation level of the pre-MS era, that needs to change if they want to win the title against Mercedes. They need to use the summer break to regroup.

As for the Hamilton-Vettel rivalry, I think the Belgian GP last year actually summed it up pretty well. Hamilton had the slower car that day, and shouldn't have won, but he did anyway. I think they are pretty evenly-matched most of the time, like Schumacher and Hakkinen were, but like Schumacher, Hamilton can always find an extra gear when it matters most.

PS - When I say traffic, I should add that the team radio would've been more interestng if it had been Kimi getting held up behind the "blappers", as he called one of them in Germany.

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