Going to Monza: Please help with advice

Posted by mitadumapaga 
Going to Monza: Please help with advice
Date: February 04, 2018 02:00PM
Posted by: mitadumapaga
Hi guys,

my girlfriend and I are plannign on visiting Monza this year. We planned to be either at Roggia (number 13 on the F1 circuit´s map) or Ascari due (number 13 on the F1 circuit´s map).

Would you pelase advise me how I should best Approach this? Here is my Situation:

- we would like to be there only on Sunday (do you think it is best - peple told me it is rather boring during qualy)
- we would like to have great experience (should we buy tickets alone, or search for agencies that organize packages and groups)
- we would like to get a good deal (is f1.com the best place to look for? the tickets for the seats Imentioned above are about 250-300 per person)

Thanks a lot
Re: Going to Monza: Please help with advice
Date: February 05, 2018 09:23PM
Posted by: torana_05
Hi there i went to Monza in 2012. It was awesome. Great atmosphere with all the ferrari fans. Ive went to the Australian Grand Prix in10,11,12,13 as well and always found that Friday or Saturday was the best to go, you got to see the cars for 2 sessions, while Sunday there was a lot of sitting around with nothing on the track. I bought my tickets from either f1.com or and Australian site (cant remember, tho from what i can remeber they were all very simarly priced). I had 3 day tickets to the exit of Ascari on the outside. Take Plenty of sunscreen even as an Aussie i got quite a bit burnt. It may be alot cheaper to buy general admission tickets for friday but its handy for Saturday and Sunday as you know that for the qualifying and race you are guaranteed a half decent seat, not 6 deep along a fence with someone enjoying a Marlboro in your face. Now there maty be some incorrect info here im only going on my fuzzy memmory.

Getting to Monza:
There are trains that leave from Milan to Monza quite regularly on the 3 days and took from memory 20 min or so then you walk to the track which didn't take that long. Also was either free or very cheap

The Weekend:
If you have time you HAVE to go on Thursday, entry is free. It will be the only time during the weekend that you have access to the old banking, it sucks its been paved over now but I imagine it will still be awesome. Also you can walk the circuit and i think the pit walk was free in the evening. Going there Thursday afternoon was well worth it. I seen drivers jogging the circuit, Red Bull doing pit stop practice, All the wings lined up in front of the garages. Very cool.

As mentioned Friday is probably the best day, Cars out in flow vis, you can access any Grandstand without a ticket and there is a lot less people fro when you walk around and explore. I found the inside of Curva Grande and was nice as it surprised me on how banked it was plus how close you could get and the speed was amazing. Also the stands in the braking zones into the Parabolica was great fro sound too, would be different hearing them now with the turbo and the electronics working hard

On Saturday morning for the third practice session you can access and stand as well but for qualifying you must sit in your purchased place. The street hustlers all come out between and sessions and play games in the forest which is quite fun to watch tourist get sucked in.

Sunday there is a lot of nothing on the track to be honest, Its basically just the GP3 and GP2 races and F1.

Overall i would definitely try to do Thursday and Friday if you are on a limited time scale and want bang for your buck. Stay in Milan, i think it would be way expensive to stay in Monza itself, although i have heard you can pick something up for cheap. Train is easiest and cheapest in and away from the circuit. just be aware on Sunday as it can take a while to get everyone back to Milan. any more questions just pm me ill try and help you out


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Re: Going to Monza: Please help with advice
Date: February 09, 2018 10:57PM
Posted by: Alessio88
Hi mate,I went to Monza in 2013 and at the time I spent a full week around Milan and Monza.
It was great to be honest,we went around Milan, Lake Como and few other cities and Monza as well because is an actual city with f1 cars and events dedicated to F1.
If it still the same the Friday and the saturday morning FP3 you can go where you want, I watched the FP1 from the first corner than moved to Variante Ascari for FP2 and the FP3 from the last corner,then Qualy and Race on my seat above the pit entrance and at the end of the race we went for a full track walk,honestly the best experience I ever had,people say it's boring but I didn't find a second of that weekend boring unfortunatly everything goes so fast and in no time the race is over :(.
But honestly if you fancy it visit Milan and around it and spend the weekend at Monza.
I think the best place to get tickets is the actual Monza autodromo website,when I went I paid 220 euros for 3 days even If I had a discount with the Italian AA because I had my car insured with them at the time.
Any more Infos just PM me mate,more than happy to help :)


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)
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