Generic Performances 2006 for GP4

Posted by Willb 
Generic Performances 2006 for GP4
Date: March 10, 2007 12:21PM
Posted by: Willb
Generic Performances 2006 for GP4

Authors :
Nicola Acciarri ( )
Matt Schroeder ( )

Description : With this pack, You can easily update GP4 performances of drivers and cars to
the 2006 F1 season, including failures and pit stops data.
Realistic performances, in terms of challenge and laptimes, can be obtained
at ACE level, although this Perf set affects any difficulty level for the human driver.
This update will modify Your track Dat files,giving You
default setups for the 7th gear on car in all tracks ( dry and rain weather ),
togheter with new performances texts, and Physics file.

What is not included (... not realistically allowable ) in this pack:

Before to release this pack, I tested for a while new Torque.ini file,
patching the GP4.exe, in order to obtain a realistic 2006 Torque curve;
also, I tested several version of new Physics files with rpm at 19000, or more.
After these tests, I realized that GP4 has many limits, among which 1 is
just the impossibility to get, in a realistic way, a Physics file at 19000 or
more rpm. Yes, You can put this value in Physics file, togheter with a new car power.
But then, when you drive, You will experience a not satisfactory sensation
in driving, and car sound, since engine will reach a "flat" level...and
performances will be affected in a wrong way.
The main cause of this is the impossibility to change adequatelly the Torque curve.
This is the second main GP4 limit.
Torque Editor, now available, can't yet allow to change the Torque curve
directly; You can modify Torque only changing rpm/torque ratio from 0,002 to another
value. Furthermore,changing bhp values doesn't give the hoping effects.
The result is that, when You set at 19000 rpm, and 770 bhp, the Torque in GP4,
then in game You have less realistic effects than with the original files.
Furthermore, magic file setting, with new Torque depending files, is more difficult,
and aerodynamic features, conditioning max speed and set up of cars, are less
easy to update in a realistic way.
Therefore, in this Performances pack You will find a Physics file with realistic
values, but with still 18500 engine max rpm; this Physics file works perfectly
with default GP4exe, without Torque patching.


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