Season Result Tools

Posted by petrus 
Season Result Tools
Date: December 02, 2015 10:56PM
Posted by: petrus
Season Result Tools

This archive contains two tools made to revive the possibility of printing result files of a GP4 racing season.
They are running under Windows, no installation needed.

seasonresult - this is for a championship season.
It merges two seasons results files, if more than 17 races are used.
It gets the missing data for race 17 from the corresponding full race result file and uses the team names given here.

You can test it with the included 2015 season example files.
For a detailed description read "seasonresult-readme.txt" in the seasonresult folder of the archive.

gp4results - this is for results of non-championship races.
Using a full race result file for every race, one can build an own championship without the limitations of the championship season mode. This program reads the race result files and generates seasons results, driver championship and constructor championship output.

You can test it with the included example files given in subfolder 2001.
For a detailed description read "gp4result-readme.txt" in the gp4results folder of the archive.

petrus' gpaedia files
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