Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 07, 2014 02:59PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

Andy Rouse (ENG) 155pts (TOYOTA)
John Cleland (SCO) 146pts (VAUXHALL)
Will Hoy (ENG) 130pts (TOYOTA)
Jeff Allam (ENG) 108pts (VAUXHALL)
Tim Harvey (ENG) 102pts (BMW)
Steve Soper (ENG) 100pts (BMW)
David Leslie (SCO) 90pts (VAUXHALL)
Bobby Verdon-Roe (SCO) 51pts (VAUXHALL)
Keith O'Dor (ENG) 40pts (NISSAN)
Tim Sugden (ENG) 30pts (BMW)
Alain Menu (SWI) 25pts (BMW)
Kris Nissen (DEN) 13pts (BMW)
Julian Bailey (ENG) 12pts
Ray Bellm (ENG) 12pts
Robb Gravett (ENG) 10pts (PEUGEOT)
James Weaver (ENG) 6pts
James Kaye (ENG) 5pts (TOYOTA)
Patrick Watts (ENG) 4pts (MAZDA)
Andy Middlehurst (ENG) 2pts (NISSAN)
Ian Flux (ENG) 2pts
Matt Neal (ENG) 1pt

Independents Championship

1st. James Kaye (ENG) 248pts
2nd. Matt Neal (ENG) 204pts
3rd. Sean Walker (ENG) 136pts
4th. Karl Jones (WAL) 82pts
5th. Ian Flux (ENG) 72pts
6th. Dennis Leech (ENG) 42pts
7th. Alistair Lyall (SCO) 18pts
8th. Ian Forrest (SCO) 18pts
9th. Laurence Bristow (ENG) 6pts
10th. Guy Povey (ENG) 4pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Toyota (JAP) 125pts
2nd. Vauxhall (GBR) 125pts
3rd. BMW (GER) 122pts
4th. Nissan (JAP) 101pts
5th. Mazda (JAP) 77pts
6th. Peugeot (FRA) 70pts

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Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 07, 2014 03:16PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
That's it pretty much. Just need the grids for 1991. and we'll have the complete modern era :D

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: June 08, 2015 12:31PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
FINALLY Found 1991 grids, here goes then we'll have all of them :D

Drivers Championship:

John Cleland (SCO) 168pts (VAUXHALL)
Will Hoy (ENG) 162pts (BMW)
Steve Soper (ENG) 125pts (BMW)
Andy Rouse (ENG) 121pts (TOYOTA)
Jonathan Palmer (ENG) 121pts (BMW)
Jeff Allam (ENG) 77pts (VAUXHALL)
Tim Harvey (ENG) 62pts (BMW)
Ray Bellm (ENG) 60pts (BMW)
Tim Sugden (ENG) 49pts (BMW)
Gary Ayles (ENG) 36pts (TOYOTA)
Andy Middlehurst (ENG) 13pts (FORD)
Frank Sytner (ENG) 12pts (BMW)
Christian Danner (GER) 10pts (BMW)
Robb Gravett (ENG) 8pts (FORD)
Laurence Bristow (ENG) 7pts (BMW)
Bob Berridge (ENG) 5pts (VAUXHALL)
David Leslie (SCO) 4pts (BMW)
Ian Flux (ENG) 3pts (BMW)
Julian Bailey (ENG) 2pts (NISSAN)
Nick Baird (ENG) 1pt (BMW)
Peggen Andersson (SWE) 1pt (BMW)
Armin Hahne (GER) 1pt (BMW)

Independents Championship:

Andy Middlehurst 229pts
Frank Sytner (ENG) 141pts
Nick Whale 94pts
Nick Baird 88pts
Ian Forrest 78pts
Ian Flux 50pts
Nettan Lindgren 44pts
Peggen Andersson 41pts
Dave Brodie 37pts
Dennis Leech 35pts
David Leslie (SCO) 34pts
Matt Neal (ENG) 23pts
Alistair Lyall 22pts
John Llewellyn 21pts
Jeff Wilson 13pts
Grahame Davis 8pts
Andrew MacKenzie 7pts
Val Musetti 6pts=
Tony Bardy 6pts=
Angus MacKay 5pts
Alistair Fenwick 4pts
Sean Walker 2pts
Godfrey Hall 1pt

(will do the nationalities of the indy drivers another time :P)

Manufacturers Championship:

BMW (GER) 130pts
Vauxhall (GBR) 126pts
Toyota (JAP) 122pts
Ford (USA) 96pts
Nissan (JAP) 78pts
Mitsubishi (JAP) 63pts

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