1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions

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1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 06, 2010 11:37PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
got bored so if anyone's interested here's the 1991-2008 title results if it was judged by grid results (from qualifying then x3, 2 or 1 for the 3, 2 or 1 races) this changed year on year

ignored the point for leading, point for fastest lap and point for pole - as they're not relevant here as the pole man would get all three :P

edit - actual position in brackets

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Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 07, 2010 12:02AM
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2008 :P

(8) 1st. Darren Turner (ENG) 303pts
(3) 2nd. Jason Plato (ENG) 297pts
(6) 3rd. Tom Onslow-Cole (ENG) 231pts
(7) 4th. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 207pts
(4) 5th. Colin Turkington (NIR) 189pts
(5) 6th. Matt Neal (ENG) 174pts
(1) 7th. Fabrizio Giovanardi (ITA) 141pts
(10) 8th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 114pts
(2) 9th. Mat Jackson (ENG) 111pts
(15) 10th. Stephen Jelley (ENG) 60pts
(9) 11th. Adam Jones (ENG) 57pts
(11) 12th. Steven Kane (NIR) 42pts
(13) 13th. Andrew Jordan (ENG) 18pts
(12) 14th. Rob Collard (ENG) 12pts
(19) 15th. Harry Vaulkhard (ENG) 12pts
(14) 16th. Mike Jordan (ENG) 6pts
(17) 17th. Matt Allison (ENG) 6pts

Manufacturers Championship

(2) 1st. SEAT (SPA) 747pts
(1) 2nd. Vauxhall (GBR) 603pts

Teams Championship

(2) 1st. SEAT Sport UK 606pts
(1) 2nd. VX Racing 480pts
(3) 3rd. Team Halfords 333pts
(4) 4th. Team RAC 261pts
(5) 5th. BMW Dealer Team UK 117pts
(7) 6th. Team Air Cool 66pts
(6) 7th. Motorbase Performance 57pts
(8) 8th. John Guest Racing 36pts
(9) 9th. Robertshaw Racing 24pts

Independents Trophy

(1) 1st. Colin Turkington (NIR) 417pts
(2) 2nd. Mat Jackson (ENG) 261pts
(3) 3rd. Adam Jones (ENG) 246pts
(8) 4th. Stephen Jelley (ENG) 222pts
(4) 5th. Steven Kane (NIR) 204pts
(6) 6th. Andrew Jordan (ENG) 171pts
(7) 7th. Mike Jordan (ENG) 129pts
(9) 8th. Harry Vaulkhard (ENG) 108pts
(5) 9th. Rob Collard (ENG) 90pts
(12) 10th. Matt Allison (ENG) 66pts
(10) 11th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 39pts
(13) 12th. John George (ENG) 15pts
(11) 13th. Michael Doyle (SCO) 6pts
(14) 14th. Chris Stockton (ENG) 6pts

Independents Teams Trophy

(1) 1st. Team RAC 432pts
(2) 2nd. BMW Dealer Team UK 282pts
(4) 3rd. Team Air Cool 276pts
(5) 4th. John Guest Racing 246pts
(3) 5th. Motorbase Performance 240pts
(6) 6th. Robertshaw Racing 183pts
(7) 7th. Team KWR 108pts
(9) 8th. TH Motorsport with JAG Racing 90pts
(10) 9th. In-Tune Racing 48pts
(11) 10th. BTC Racing 42pts
(8) 11th. Arkas Racing with sunshine.co.uk 33pts

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Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 07, 2010 03:03AM
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Drivers Championship

(6) 1st. Darren Turner (ENG) 309pts
(5) 2nd. Colin Turkington (NIR) 300pts
(3) 3rd. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 228pts
(1) 4th. Fabrizio Giovanardi (ITA) 228pts
(2) 5th. Jason Plato (ENG) 198pts
(9) 6th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 174pts
(4) 7th. Matt Neal (ENG) 156pts
(8) 8th. Mike Jordan (ENG) 111pts
(10) 9th. Tom Onslow-Cole (ENG) 99pts
(7) 10th. Mat Jackson (ENG) 78pts
(15) 11th. Alain Menu (SWI) 30pts
(11) 12th. Adam Jones (ENG) 24pts
(18) 13th. Eoin Murray (ROI) 21pts
(12) 14th. Matt Allison (ENG) 12pts
(14) 15th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 9pts
(13) 16th. Gavin Smith (ROI) 3pts

Manufacturers Championship

(2) 1st. SEAT (SPA) 723pts
(1) 2nd. Vauxhall (GBR) 627pts

Teams Championship

(1) 1st. SEAT Sport UK 516pts
(4) 2nd. Team RAC 402pts
(2) 3rd. VX Racing 402pts
(3) 4th. Team Halfords 393pts
(6) 5th. Team Eurotech with John Guest Speedfit 114pts
(5) 6th. Jacksons M.Sport 81pts
(7) 7th. Team Air Cool 24pts
(8) 8th. Motorbase Performance 24pts
(16) 9th. Quest Racing 21pts
(9) 10th. GR Asia 3pts

Independents Trophy

(1) 1st. Colin Turkington (NIR) 381pts
(3) 2nd. Mike Jordan (ENG) 306pts
(2) (3rd. Mat Jackson (ENG) 279pts
(4) 4th. Tom Onslow-Cole (ENG) 255pts
(6) 5th. Matt Allison (ENG) 153pts
(5) 6th. Adam Jones (ENG) 123pts
(13) 7th. Eoin Murray (ROI) 111pts
(8) 8th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 96pts
(7) 9th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 69pts
(14) 10th. David Pinkney (ENG) 42pts
(12) 11th. Gavin Smith (ENG) 39pts
(17) 12th. Tom Ferrier (ENG) 33pts
(10) 13th. John George (ENG) 30pts
(15) 14th. Chris Stockton (ENG) 15pts
(16) 15th. Simon Blanckley (ENG) 15pts
(9) 16th. Erkut Kizilirmak (TUR) 12pts
(11) 17th. Martyn Bell (ENG) 6pts
(19) 18th. Rob Collard (ENG) 6pts
(18) 19th. Fiona Leggate (ENG) 6pts
(22) 20th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 3pts

Independent Teams Trophy

(1) 1st. Team RAC 417pts
(3) 2nd. Team Eurotech Racing with John Guest Speedfit 333pts
(2) 3rd. Jacksons M.Sport 303pts
(4) 4th. Motorbase Performance 195pts
(12) 5th. Quest Racing 144pts
(5) 6th. Team Air Cool 144pts
(6) 7th. Kartworld Racing 114pts
(9) 8th. A-Tech 84pts
(11) 9th. GR Asia 57pts
(10) 10th. TH Motorsport with JAG Racing 57pts
(7) 11th. Arkas Racing 42pts
(13) 12th. BTC Racing 36pts
(14) 13th. Sibsport 36pts
(8) 14th. Team allaboutproperty.com 15pts

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Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 08, 2010 05:33PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

1st. Jason Plato (ENG) 300pts
2nd. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 249pts
3rd. Colin Turkington (NIR) 222pts
4th. Matt Neal (ENG) 210pts
5th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 192pts
6th. James Thompson (ENG) 189pts
7th. Fabrizio Giovanardi (ITA) 147pts
8th. Darren Turner (ENG) 120pts
9th. Mike Jordan (ENG) 75pts
10th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 69pts
11th. Gavin Smith (ROI) 66pts
12th. Rob Collard (ENG) 57pts
13th. James Kaye (ENG) 36pts
14th. Martyn Bell (ENG) 30pts
15th. David Pinkney (ENG) 12pts
16th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 3pts
17th. Eoin Murray (ROI) 3pts

Independents Championship

1st. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 378pts
2nd. Colin Turkington (NIR) 321pts
3rd. Matt Neal (ENG) 303pts
4th. Mike Jordan (ENG) 207pts
5th. Rob Collard (ENG) 180pts
6th. James Kaye (ENG) 141pts
7th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 102pts
8th. David Pinkney (ENG) 102pts
9th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 63pts
10th. Martyn Bell (ENG) 48pts
11th. Mark Proctor (ENG) 48pts
12th. Eoin Murray (ROI) 45pts
13th. Fiona Leggate (ENG) 24pts
14th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 15pts
15th. Tom Ferrier (ENG) 3pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. SEAT (SPA) 726pts
2nd. Vauxhall (GBR) 624pts

BTCC Teams Championship

1st. SEAT Sport UK 618pts
2nd. Team Halfords 492pts
3rd. VX Racing 366pts
4th. Team RAC 291pts
5th. Team Eurotech with John Guest 93pts
6th. Synchro Motorsport 45pts
7th. Geoff Steel Racing 30pts
8th. Motorbase Performance 27pts
9th. Quest Racing 9pts
10th. Kartworld Racing 6pts
11th. Fast-Tec Motorsport 3pts

Independent Teams Championship

1st. Team Halfords 702pts
2nd. Team RAC 507pts
3rd. Team Eurotech with John Guest 219pts
4th. Synchro Motorsport 156pts
5th. Motorbase Performance 114pts
6th. Kartworld Racing 75pts
7th. Fast-Tec Motorsport 54pts
8th. Geoff Steel Racing 51pts
9th. Quest Racing 51pts
10th. Thurlby Motors Boston Bowl with Tech-Speed 48pts
11th. BTC Racing 3pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 09, 2010 04:42PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

BTCC Championship for Drivers

1st. Colin Turkington (NIR) 264pts
2nd. Yvan Muller (FRA) 258pts
3rd. Matt Neal (ENG) 255pts
4th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 249pts
5th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 222pts
6th. Jason Plato (ENG) 210pts
7th. Gavin Smith (ROI) 129pts
8th. Rob Collard (ENG) 111pts
9th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 99pts
10th. Luke Hines (ENG) 87pts
11th. James Pickford (ENG) 60pts
12th. James Kaye (ENG) 36pts

BTCC Independents Trophy for Drivers

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 369pts
2nd. Dan Eaves (ENG) 327pts
3rd. Tom Chilton (ENG) 288pts
4th. Rob Collard (ENG) 243pts
5th. James Kaye (ENG) 186pts
6th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 126pts
7th. Richard Williams (ENG) 87pts
8th. Mark Proctor (ENG) 78pts
9th. Ian Curley (ENG) 72pts
10th. Fiona Leggate (ENG) 48pts
11th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 42pts
12th. Andy Neate (ENG) 6pts

BTCC Championship for Manufacturers

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 966pts
2nd. SEAT (SPA) 699pts

BTCC Championship for Teams

1st. VX Racing 576pts
2nd. Team Halfords 561pts
3rd. SEAT Sport UK 351pts
4th. Arena Motorsport 228pts
5th. West Surrey Racing 141pts
6th. Synchro Motorsport 78pts
7th. HPI Racing with Friends Reunited 21pts
8th. Kartworld Racing 12pts
9th. Tech-Speed Motorsport 6pts
10th. Fast-Tec Motorsport 3pts

BTCC Independents' Team Trophy

1st. Team Halfords 738pts
2nd. Arena Motorsport 294pts
3rd. West Surrey Racing 258pts
4th. Synchro Motorsport 201pts
5th. HPI Racing with Friends Reunited 177pts
6th. Fast-Tec Motorsport 87pts
7th. Tech-Speed Motorsport 54pts
8th. Kartworld Racing 48pts
9th. Team Nuts with Daniels Motorsport 9pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 09, 2010 09:21PM
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Green Flag BTCC Drivers Championship

1st. James Thompson (ENG) 327pts
2nd. Matt Neal (ENG) 282pts
3rd. Yvan Muller (FRA) 264pts
4th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 210pts
5th. Colin Turkington (NIR) 207pts
6th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 150pts
7th. Jason Plato (ENG) 135pts
8th. Luke Hines (ENG) 81pts
9th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 75pts
10th. Rob Huff (ENG) 69pts
11th. Michael Bentwood (ENG) 57pts
12th. Rob Collard (ENG) 42pts
13th. James Kaye (ENG) 39pts
14th. Shaun Watson-Smith (SOA) 21pts
15th. Carl Breeze (ENG) 12pts
16th. Stefan Hodgetts (ENG) 9pts

HarrierZeuros Independents Trophy for Drivers

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 381pts
2nd. Colin Turkington (NIR) 321pts
3rd. Anthony Reid (SCO) 318pts
4th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 210pts
5th. James Kaye (ENG) 156pts
6th. Rob Collard (ENG) 153pts
7th. Michael Bentwood (ENG) 138pts
8th. Carl Breeze (ENG) 93pts
9th. Stefan Hodgetts (ENG) 72pts
10th. Charlie Butler-Henderson (ENG) 51pts
11th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 30pts
12th. Gavin Smith (ROI) 18pts
13th. John George (ENG) 12pts
14th. Paul Wallace (ENG) 9pts
15th. Justin Keen (ENG) 6pts
16th. Richard Marsh (ENG) 6pts
17th. Kelvin Burt (ENG) 3pts
18th. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 3pts

BTCC Manufacturers Championship

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 831pts
2nd. Honda (JAP) 675pts
3rd. SEAT (SPA) 354pts
4th. Proton (MAL) 117pts

BTCC Teams Championship

1st. VX Racing 594pts
2nd. West Surrey Racing 423pts
3rd. Computeach Racing with Halfords 369pts
4th. SEAT Sport UK 228pts
5th. Team Honda 159pts
6th. VXR Junior 57pts
7th. Collard Racing 51pts
8th. Synchro Motorsport 39pts
9th. Team Sureterm GA Motorsport 33pts
10th. Petronas Syntium Proton 27pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 09, 2010 11:48PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

BTC Touring Championship for Drivers

1st. James Thompson (ENG) 250pts
2nd. Matt Neal (ENG) 228pts
3rd. Yvan Muller (FRA) 166pts
4th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 128pts
5th. Alan Morrison (NIR) 122pts
6th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 92pts
7th. Warren Hughes (ENG) 86pts
8th. Colin Turkington (NIR) 84pts
9th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 82pts
10th. Rob Collard (ENG) 36pts
11th. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 28pts
12th. Carl Breeze (ENG) 12pts
13th. Phil Bennett (ENG) 2pts
14th. David Leslie (SCO) 2pts
15th. James Kaye (ENG) 2pts

BTC Touring Independents Cup for Drivers

1st. Rob Collard (ENG) 258pts
2nd. James Kaye (ENG) 182pts
3rd. Carl Breeze (ENG) 176pts
4th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 162pts
5th. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 132pts
6th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 92pts
7th. Paul Wallace (ENG) 58pts
8th. Danny Buxton (ENG) 52pts

BTC Touring Championship for Manufacturers

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 550pts
2nd. Honda (JAP) 458pts
3rd. MG (GBR) 280pts
4th. Proton (MAL) 32pts

BTC Touring Championship for Teams

1st. VX Racing 452pts
2nd. Honda Racing 388pts
3rd. MG Sport & Racing 258pts
4th. Collard Racing 72pts
5th. GA Motorsports 68pts
6th. Petronas Syntium Proton 38pts
7th. Synchro Motorsport 24pts
8th. Team Halfords 16pts
9th. Team Dynamics 4pts

BTC Production Championship for Drivers

1st. Luke Hines (ENG) 276pts
2nd. Michael Bentwood (ENG) 212pts
3rd. Tom Boardman (ENG) 190pts
4th. Alan Blencowe (ENG) 142pts
5th. Jim Edwards Jr. (ENG) 134pts
6th. Mark Fullalove (ENG) 72pts
7th. Paul Wallace (ENG) 64pts
8th. Jason Hughes (ENG) 36pts
9th. Jay Wheals (ENG) 28pts
10th. Richard Marsh (ENG) 28pts
11th. Chris Ryan (ENG) 26pts

BTC Production Championship for Teams

1st. Barwell Motorsport 418pts
2nd. Team Varta 324pts
3rd. Edenbridge Racing 212pts
4th. GA Motorsports 90pts
5th. Mark Fullalove Racing 72pts
6th. Kartworld Racing 44pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 11, 2010 04:36AM
Posted by: ipswich2007

BTC Touring Drivers Championship

1st. James Thompson (ENG) 198pts
2nd. Matt Neal (ENG) 189pts
3rd. Yvan Muller (FRA) 167pts
4th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 140pts
5th. Warren Hughes (ENG) 103pts
6th. Andy Priaulx (GUE) 102pts
7th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 97pts
8th. Alan Morrison (NIR) 62pts
9th. Colin Turkington (NIR) 57pts
10th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 49pts
11th. Aaron Slight (NZL) 44pts
12th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 39pts
13th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 31pts
14th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 16pts
15th. David Leslie (SCO) 13pts
16th. Phil Bennett (ENG) 12pts
17th. Carl Breeze (ENG) 1pt

BTC Touring Independents Cup

1st. Colin Turkington (NIR) 203pts
2nd. Gareth Howell (ENG) 194pts
3rd. Aaron Slight (NZL) 184pts
4th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 171pts
5th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 169pts
6th. Tom Chilton (ENG) 145pts
7th. Carl Breeze (ENG) 73pts

BTC Touring Manufacturers Championship

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 351pts
2nd. MG (GBR) 212pts
3rd. Honda (JAP) 162pts
4th. Proton (MAL) 64pts

BTC Touring Teams Championship

1st. Vauxhall Motorsport 166pts
2nd. egg:sport 139pts
3rd. MG Sport & Racing 124pts
4th. Honda Racing 84pts
5th. Team Atomic Kitten 54pts
6th. Barwell Motorsport 47pts
7th. Team Halfords 35pts
8th. Petronas Syntium Proton 11pts

BTC Production Drivers Championship

1st. James Kaye (ENG) 222pts
2nd. Norman Simon (GER) 179pts
3rd. Mark Fullalove (ENG) 159pts
4th. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 144pts
5th. Spencer Marsh (ENG) 131pts
6th. Alan Blencowe (ENG) 86pts
7th. Graham Saunders (ENG) 69pts
8th. Dave Allan (ENG) 66pts
9th. Tom Boardman (ENG) 57pts
10th. Jim Edwards Jr. (ENG) 53pts
11th. Mark Thomas (WAL) 53pts
12th. Kelvin Burt (ENG) 30pts
13th. Rob Collard (ENG) 24pts
14th. Peter Cate (ENG) 20pts
15th. Annie Templeton (ENG) 19pts
16th. Steve Wood (ENG) 4pts
17th. John B&Q (ENG) 4pts

BTC Production Teams Championship

1st. Gary Ayles Motorsport 150pts
2nd. Synchro Motorsport 143pts
3rd. Edenbridge Racing 127pts
4th. Beacon Motorsport 104pts
5th. Tech-Speed Motorsport 84pts
6th. Team B&Q Jet York City 40pts
7th. Collard Racing 9pts
8th. TH Motorsport 3pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: December 12, 2010 11:22PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

BTC Touring Drivers Championship

1st. Yvan Muller (FRA) 325pts
2nd. Jason Plato (ENG) 313pts
3rd. James Thompson (ENG) 253pts
4th. Phil Bennett (ENG) 232pts
5th. Steve Soper (ENG) 138pts
6th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 115pts
7th. Tommy Erdos (BRA) 50pts
8th. Kurt Luby (ENG) 40pts
9th. Warren Hughes (ENG) 38pts
10th. Tom Ferrier (ENG) 34pts
11th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 34pts
12th. Andy Priaulx (GUE) 30pts
13th. David Pinkney (ENG) 26pts
14th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 25pts
15th. Aaron Slight (NZL) 7pts
16th. Mark Blair (ENG) 4pts

BTCC Manufacturers Championship

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 962pts
2nd. Peugeot (FRA) 343pts

BTC Touring Teams Championship

1st. Vauxhall Motorsport 344pts
2nd. egg:sport 271pts
3rd. Peugeot Sport UK 136pts
4th. JS Motorsport 53pts
5th. MG Sport & Racing 46pts
6th. ABG Motorsport 38pts
7th. Total Motorsport 8pts

BTC Production Drivers Championship

1st. Simon Harrison (ENG) 315pts
2nd. Roger Moen (NOR) 266pts
3rd. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 199pts
4th. James Kaye (ENG) 194pts
5th. Simon Graves (ENG) 171pts
6th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 133pts
7th. Mat Jackson (ENG) 113pts
8th. Gareth Howell (ENG) 112pts
9th. Rob Collard (ENG) 47pts
10th. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 30pts
11th. Tom Boardman (ENG) 30pts
12th. Peter Cate (ENG) 18pts
13th. Toni Ruokonen (FIN) 18pts
14th. Rick Kraemer (ENG) 14pts
15th. Jim Edwards Jr. (ENG) 13pts
16th. Tiff Needell (ENG) 10pts
17th. Mark Lemmer (ENG) 10pts
18th. Matt Kelly (ENG) 10pts
19th. Colin Blair (ENG) 4pts
20th. Richard Meins (ENG) 4pts
21st. Dave Allan (ENG) 3pts
22nd. Nick Beaumont (ENG) 2pts

BTC Production Teams Championship

1st. HTML 288pts
2nd. Team Kaliber Sport with Barwell 195pts
3rd. GR Motorsport 126pts
4th. GA-Janspeed Racing 111pts
5th. Tech-Speed Motorsport 68pts
6th. Collard Racing 24pts
7th. Tom Boardman Racing 16pts
8th. Cranfield Automotive Management 9pts
9th. Synchro Motorsport 8pts
10th. TCR/Interactive Network Solutions 7pts
11th. Bintcliffe Sport Racing 5pts
12th. Team B&Q/Talksport Radio 1pt

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 08, 2011 04:54PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

1st. Laurent Aiello (FRA) 280pts
2nd. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 239pts
3rd. David Leslie (SCO) 237pts
4th. James Thompson (ENG) 191pts
5th. Alain Menu (SWI) 135pts
6th. Jason Plato (ENG) 134pts
7th. Matt Neal (ENG) 109pts
8th. Vincent Radermecker (BEL) 77pts
9th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 74pts
10th. Peter Kox (HOL) 70pts
11th. Jean-Christophe Boullion (FRA) 68pts
12th. Yvan Muller (FRA) 35pts
13th. John Cleland (SCO) 19pts
14th. Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) 13pts
15th. Will Hoy (ENG) 1pt

Michelin Cup for Independents

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 330pts
2nd. Will Hoy (ENG) 110pts
3rd. Lee Brookes (ENG) 100pts
4th. Paula Cook (ENG) 90pts
5th. Mark Blair (ENG) 85pts
6th. Russell Spence (ENG) 20pts

Manufacturers Cup

1st. Nissan (JAP) 514pts
2nd. Volvo (SWE) 314pts
3rd. Honda (JAP) 282pts
4th. Ford (USA) 219pts
5th. Renault (FRA) 211pts
6th. Vauxhall (GBR) 71pts

Teams Championship

1st. Vodafone Nissan Racing 276pts
2nd. Volvo S40 Racing 169pts
3rd. Team Honda Sport 122pts
4th. Nescafe Blend 37 Williams Renault 117pts
5th. Ford Team Mondeo 94pts
6th. Max Power Racing Team Dynamics 50pts
7th. Vauxhall Motorsport 29pts

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Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 22, 2011 06:32PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship:

1st. Anthony Reid (SCO) 270pts
2nd. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 236pts
3rd. James Thompson (ENG) 230pts
4th. David Leslie (SCO) 191pts
5th. Alain Menu (SWI) 174pts
6th. Jason Plato (ENG) 133pts
7th. Yvan Muller (FRA) 104pts
8th. Peter Kox (HOL) 94pts
9th. Gianni Morbidelli (ITA) 61pts
10th. John Cleland (SCO) 53pts
11th. Matt Neal (ENG) 38pts
12th. Derek Warwick (ENG) 35pts
13th. Will Hoy (ENG) 27pts
14th. John Bintcliffe (ENG) 14pts
15th. Nigel Mansell (ENG) 10pts
16th. Paul Radisich (NZL) 4pts
17th. Robb Gravett (ENG) 3pts
18th. Tommy Rustad (NOR) 2pts
19th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 1pt

Michelin Cup for Independents

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 310pts
2nd. Tommy Rustad (NOR) 215pts
3rd. Robb Gravett (ENG) 175pts
4th. Mark Lemmer (ENG) 50pts
5th. Roger Moen (NOR) 15pts
6th. Lee Brookes (ENG) 5pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Nissan (JAP) 306pts
2nd. Volvo (SWE) 256pts
3rd. Honda (JAP) 246pts
4th. Renault (FRA) 213pts
5th. Audi (GER) 153pts
6th. Vauxhall (GBR) 129pts
7th. Ford (USA) 106pts
8th. Peugeot (FRA) 81pts

Teams Championship:

1st. Vodafone Nissan Racing 264pts
2nd. Team Honda Sport 165pts
3rd. Blend 37 Williams Renault 162pts
4th. Volvo S40 Racing 124pts
5th. Audi Sport UK 62pts
6th. Vauxhall Sport 48pts
7th. Team Dynamics Max Power 18pts
8th. Ford Mondeo Racing 9pts
9th. Esso Ultron Team Peugeot 3pts
10th. DC Cook Motorsport 2pts
11th. Brookes Motorsport 1pt

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 22, 2011 07:56PM
Posted by: chet
Why cant touring cars be like this again? No current touring series really stands out as amazing. DTM has plummeted downhill imo, as has V8's nad BTCC is only recently on its way back up. WTCC lacks competition...

"Trulli was slowing down like he wanted to have a picnic" LOL
Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 22, 2011 11:27PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

1st. Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) 264pts
2nd. Paul Radisich (NZL) 249pts
3rd. Alain Menu (SWI) 230pts
4th. Giampiero Simoni (ITA) 228pts
5th. Joachim Winkelhock (GER) 220pts
6th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 174pts
7th. Steve Soper (ENG) 120pts
8th. John Cleland (SCO) 107pts
9th. Andy Rouse (ENG) 64pts
10th. Patrick Watts (ENG) 57pts
11th. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 49pts
12th. Roberto Ravaglia (ITA) 28pts
13th. Will Hoy (ENG) 13pts
14th. Julian Bailey (ENG) 12pts
15th. Jeff Allam (ENG) 12pts
16th. Jan Lammers (HOL) 10pts
17th. Kieth O'dor (ENG) 9pts
18th. Eugene O'Brien (ENG) 2pts

Total Cup for Privateers

1st. James Thompson (ENG) 316pts
2nd. Nigel Smith (ENG) 298pts
3rd. James Kaye (ENG) 292pts
4th. Chris Goodwin (ENG) 282pts
5th. Nigel Albon (ENG) 182pts
6th. Ian Khan (ENG) 84pts
7th. Hamish Irvine (SCO) 82pts
8th. Geoff Steel (ENG) 50pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Alfa Romeo (ITA) 348pts
2nd. Renault (FRA) 310pts
3rd. Ford (USA) 306pts
4th. BMW (GER) 276pts
5th. Vauxhall (GBR) 171pts
6th. Peugeot (FRA) 143pts
7th. Volvo (SWE) 110pts
8th. Toyota (JAP) 90pts
9th. Nissan (JAP) 68pts
10th. Mazda (JAP) 16pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 22, 2011 11:30PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
i still think the BTCC is amazing, best series in the world for all out exitement per second.

nothing will ever beat f1 for amazingness imo

having watched some v8 supercar races i think that is the second best touring car series now

i do agree dtm is now pretty dull. too professsional.

my list in terms of exitingness:

1. f1
2. wrc
3. btcc
4. v8

i also agree about wtcc. although i think there is a rule in wtcc for no contact. and the drivers tend to respect that more than in the btcc ;p

plus the btcc i think has its equalisation rules pretty much perfect.

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: July 19, 2013 10:18PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Driver's Championship

1st. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 253pts
2nd. Anthony Reid (SCO) 200pts
3rd. Alain Menu (SWI) 188pts
4th. Tom Kristensen (DEN) 167pts
5th. Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) 134pts
6th. James Thompson (ENG) 127pts
7th. Yvan Muller (FRA) 122pts
8th. Jason Plato (ENG) 116pts
9th. Matt Neal (ENG) 111pts
10th. Vincent Radermecker (BEL) 76pts
11th. Peter Kox (HOL) 10pts
12th. Colin Blair (SCO) 7pts
13th. David Leslie (SCO) 3pts

Independent Driver's Championship

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 300pts
2nd. Colin Blair (SCO) 135pts
3rd. David Leslie (SCO) 40pts

Class B

1st. Alan Morrison (NIR) 264pts
2nd. James Kaye (ENG) 240pts
3rd. Mark Lemmer (ENG) 188pts
4th. Rob Collard (ENG) 156pts
5th. Marc Nordon (ENG) 127pts
6th. Nick James (ENG) 59pts
7th. Dan Eaves (ENG) 57pts
8th. Tom Ferrier (ENG) 38pts
9th. Gavin Pyper (SCO) 34pts
10th. Will Hoy (ENG) 30pts
11th. Toni Ruokonen (FIN) 27pts
12th. Simon Harrison (ENG) 20pts
13th. Lee Linford (ENG) 15pts
14th. David Pitcher (ENG) 14pts
15th. Bryce Wilson (SCO) 8pts
16th. Gareth Howell (WAL) 8pts
17th. Geoff Kimber-Smith (ENG) 4pts
18th. Andy Middlehurst (ENG) 2pts

Manufacturer's Championship

1st. Ford (USA) 496pts
2nd. Honda (JAP) 389pts
3rd. Vauxhall (GBR) 304pts

Teams' Championship

1st. Ford Team Mondeo 259pts
2nd. Redstone Team Honda 220pts
3rd. Vauxhall Motorsport 164pts
4th. Team Dynamics Max Power Racing 75pts
5th. PRO Motorsport 26pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: July 19, 2013 10:19PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
p.s. i've f*****d up the '99 manufacturers calculation, will redo it later tonight

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: July 23, 2013 03:08AM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

1st. Alain Menu (SWI) 271pts
2nd. Jason Plato (ENG) 205pts
3rd. James Thompson (ENG) 188pts
4th. Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) 160pts
5th. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 143pts
6th. Frank Biela (GER) 138pts
7th. Anthony Reid (SCO) 94pts
8th. John Bintcliffe (ENG) 85pts
9th. David Leslie (SCO) 71pts
10th. Kelvin Burt (ENG) 57pts
11th. Paul Radisich (NZL) 44pts
12th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 31pts
13th. Patrick Watts (ENG) 17pts
14th. Will Hoy (ENG) 16pts
15th. Derek Warwick (ENG) 6pts
16th. John Cleland (SCO) 2pts

Independents Championship

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 260pts
2nd. Lee Brookes (ENG) 253pts
3rd. Robb Gravett (ENG) 251pts
4th. Colin Gallie (SCO) 166pts
5th. Jamie Wall (ENG) 152pts
6th. Ian Heward (ENG) 41pts
7th. Jan Brunstedt (SWE) 10pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Renault (FRA) 309pts
2nd. Honda (JAP) 252pts
3rd. Volvo (SWE) 200pts
4th. Audi (GER) 193pts
5th. Nissan (JAP) 180pts
6th. Ford (USA) 119pts
7th. Peugeot (FRA) 113pts
8th. Vauxhall (GBR) 77pts

Teams Championship

1st. Williams Renault Dealer Racing 472pts
2nd. Team Honda Sport 331pts
3rd, Audi Sport UK 221pts
4th. Volvo S40 Racing 197pts
5th. Vodafone Nissan Racing 159pts
6th. Team Mondeo 60pts
7th. Esso Ultron Team Peugeot 48pts
8th. Vauxhall Sport 8pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: July 24, 2013 07:57AM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Driver's Championship:

1st. Joachim Winkelhock (GER) 232pts
2nd. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 226pts
3rd. Frank Biela (GER) 211pts
4th. Alain Menu (SWI) 208pts
5th. David Leslie (SCO) 164pts
6th. Roberto Ravaglia (ITA) 152pts
7th. Will Hoy (ENG) 130pts
8th. Kelvin Burt (GBR) 85pts
9th. James Thompson (ENG) 81pts
10th. John Bintcliffe (ENG) 73pts
11th. John Cleland (SCO) 63pts
12th. James Kaye (ENG) 44pts
13th. Paul Radisich (NZL) 18pts
14th. Peter Kox (HOL) 16pts
15th. Steve Robertson (ENG) 4pts
16th. Patrick Watts (ENG) 4pts
17th. Gary Ayles (ENG) 3pts
18th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 2pts

Independents Championship

1st. Richard Kaye (ENG) 356pts
2nd. Lee Brookes (ENG) 298pts
3rd. Matt Neal (ENG) 192pts
4th. Robb Gravett (ENG) 108pts
5th. Ian Heward (ENG) 68pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. BMW (GER) 288pts
2nd. Volvo (SWE) 267pts
3rd. Renault (FRA) 258pts
4th. Audi (GER) 248pts
5th. Honda (JAP) 216pts
6th. Vauxhall (GBR) 166pts
7th. Ford (USA) 105pts
8th. Peugeot (FRA) 90pts

Teams Championship

1st. BMW Team Schnitzer 385pts
2nd. Williams Renault Dealer Racing 341pts
3rd. Volvo 850 Racing 313pts
4th. Audi Sport UK 286pts
5th. Honda Team MSD 209pts
6th. Vauxhall Sport 150pts
7th. Valvoline Team Mondeo 22pts
8th. Total Team Peugeot 7pts
9th. Rouse Sport 3pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: July 24, 2013 10:40PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
Last for the mean time as I don't have grids for 1991, missing 1 race for 1992 and 1 race for 1995 :/


Drivers Championship

1st. Joachim Winkelhock (GER) 160pts
2nd. David Leslie (SCO) 144pts
3rd. Steve Soper (ENG) 135pts
4th. John Cleland (SCO) 129pts
5th. Paul Radisich (NZL) 111pts
6th. Keith O'Dor (ENG) 99pts
7th. Will Hoy (ENG) 98pts
8th. Patrick Watts (ENG) 74pts
9th. Andy Rouse (ENG) 72pts
10th. Julian Bailey (ENG) 58pts
11th. Jeff Allam (ENG) 54pts
12th. Alain Menu (SWI) 20pts
13th. Robb Gravett (ENG) 20pts
14th. Eugene O'Brien (ENG) 14pts
15th. Win Percy (AUS) 12pts
16th. Tiff Needell (ENG) 8pts
17th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 6pts
18th. Harry Nuttall (ENG) 3pts
19th. Ian Flux (ENG) 2pts
20th. Bobby Verdon-Roe (SCO) 1pt

Total Cup for Privateers

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 253pts
2nd. Ian Khan (ENG) 210pts
3rd. Alex Portman (ENG) 146pts
4th. Ian Ashley (ENG) 143pts
5th. Ray Bellm (ENG) 100pts
6th. David Pinkney (ENG) 82pts
7th. Chris Goodwin (ENG) 48pts
8th. Bob Berridge (ENG) 42pts
9th. Ian Cantwell (ENG) 40pts
10th. Peggen Andersson (SWE) 14pts
11th. Andy Wallace (ENG) 8pts
12th. Jim Wheals (ENG) 3pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Vauxhall (GBR) 237pts
2nd. BMW (GER) 223pts
3rd. Toyota (JAP) 163pts
4th. Nissan (JAP) 144pts
5th. Ford (USA) 127pts
6th. Mazda (JAP) 116pts
7th. Peugeot (FRA) 85pts
8th. Renault (FRA) 73pts

Re: 1991-2008 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: February 07, 2014 12:59AM
Posted by: ipswich2007

Drivers Championship

1st. Rickard Rydell (SWE) 406pts (VOLVO)
2nd. Alain Menu (SWI) 375pts (RENAULT)
3rd. John Cleland (SCO) 331pts (VAUXHALL)
4th. Paul Radisich (NZL) 193pts (FORD)
5th. James Thompson (ENG) 191pts (VAUXHALL)
6th. Will Hoy (ENG) 129pts (RENAULT)
7th. Kelvin Burt (ENG) 122pts (FORD)
8th. Tim Harvey (ENG) 111pts (VOLVO)
9th. David Leslie (SCO) 85pts (HONDA)
10th. Julian Bailey (ENG) 73pts (TOYOTA)
11th. Johnny Cecotto (VEN) 39pts (BMW)
12th. James Kaye (ENG) 36pts (HONDA)
13th. Tim Sugden (ENG) 26pts (TOYOTA)
14th. Patrick Watts (ENG) 23pts (PEUGEOT)
15th. Matt Neal (ENG) 15pts (FORD)
16th. Simon Harrison (ENG) 10pts (PEUGEOT)
17th. Mike Briggs (SOA) 9pts (VAUXHALL)
18th. David Brabham (AUS) 8pts (BMW)
19th. Derek Warwick (ENG) 6pts (ALFA ROMEO)
20th. Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) 5pts (ALFA ROMEO)
21st. Giampiero Simoni (ITA) 4pts (ALFA ROMEO)
22nd. Robb Gravett (ENG) 3pts (VAUXHALL/FORD)

Total Cup for Privateers

1st. Matt Neal (ENG) 574pts
2nd. Nigel Smith (ENG) 338pts
3rd. Richard Kaye (ENG) 326pts
4th. Hamish Irvine (SCO) 206pts
5th. Robb Gravett (ENG) 198pts
6th. Charlie Cox (AUS) 154pts

Manufacturers Championship

1st. Volvo (SWE) 437pts
2nd. Renault (FRA) 416pts
3rd. Vauxhall (GBR) 414pts
4th. Ford (USA) 261pts
5th. Toyota (JAP) 175pts
6th. Honda (JAP) 173pts
7th. Peugeot (FRA) 109pts
8th. BMW (GER) 107pts
9th. Alfa Romeo (ITA) 83pts

Teams Championship

1st. Vauxhall Sport 531pts
2nd. Volvo 850 Racing 517pts
3rd. Williams Renault Dealer Racing 504pts
4th. Valvoline Team Mondeo 316pts
5th. Honda Team MSD 121pts
6th. Team Toyota GB 98pts
7th. BMW Motorsport 47pts
8th. Total Team Peugeot 33pts
9th. Team Dynamics 15pts
10th. Alfa Romeo Old Spice Racing 15pts
11th. Foesport 3pts

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