IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13

Posted by ipswich2007 
IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: February 18, 2014 01:30PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
Hi guys, I actually did this aggges ago and have been updating it ever since.

I'm gonna post them on here for reference for y'all (some American speak for you :))

I know these things have absolutely 0 official affect on the series itself, but I feel in races you have reliability, crashes, fuel strategies, tyre strategies, bad luck, good luck. That skews the end of season championship table in a way that the fastest (best in some ways) driver doesn't win the series/championship. I know I know this is racing and I understand that, but I do these tables to show myself and others if any one else is actually interested, what the tables would look like if the fastest guys "won" each event.

Additionally I understand sometimes qually is wet or in modern times you get grid penalties, but I feel it shows in the best available way, what the "true" series tables should be, I have done the same for F1, WTCC and BTCC.

Please if anyone does actually care for these let me know, I don't do this for other people but it's always a nice feeling to know somebody appreciates what you've done, no matter how trivial.

Anyways the IRL points systems and how the points were given and calculated has always ***** changed, so the older seasons took some serious research LOL.

Here's 1996 for ya ;D


1. Tony Stewart (USA) 282pts Team Menard
2=. Roberto Guerrero (COL) 282pts Pagan Racing
3. Buzz Calkins (USA) 249pts Bradley Motorsports
4. Arie Luyendyk (HOL) 246pts Byrd-Treadway Racing
5. Davey Hamilton (USA) 240pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
6. Mike Groff (USA) 225pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises & Walker Racing
7. Scott Sharp (USA) 222pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
8. Stephan Gregoire (FRA) 213pts Hemelgarn Racing
9. Richie Hearn (USA) 207pts Della Penna Motorsports
10. Buddy Lazier (USA) 195pts Hemelgarn Racing
11. John Paul Jr. (USA) 177pts PDM Racing
12. Robbie Buhl (USA) 174pts Beck Motorsports
13=. Michele Alboreto (ITA) 174pts Team Scandia
14. Scott Brayton (USA) 165pts Team Menard
15. Lyn St. James (USA) 162pts Team Scandia & Zunne Group Racing
16. Johnny O'Connell (USA) 153pts Byrd-Cunningham Racing
17. Eddie Cheever (USA) 138pts Team Menard
18. Johnny Parsons (USA) 132pts Blueprint Racing
19. Michel Jourdain Jr. (MEX) 96pts Team Scandia
20=. David Kudrave (USA) 96pts Tempero-Giuffre Racing
21. Johnny Unser (USA) 70pts Project Indy
22. Jim Guthrie (USA) 66pts Blueprint Racing
23. Eliseo Salazar (CHI) 64pts Team Scandia
24. Paul Durant (USA) 60pts ABF Motorsports
25. Stan Wattles (USA) 54pts Leigh Miller Racing
26=. Fermin Velez (SPA) 54pts Team Scandia
27. Davy Jones (USA) 33pts Galles Racing
28. Alessandro Zampedri (ITA) 28pts Team Scandia
29. Mark Dismore (USA) 21pts Team Menard
30. Racin Gardner (USA) 20pts Tempero-Giuffre Racing & Team Scandia
31. Marco Greco (BRA) 13pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
32. Brad Murphey (AUS) 9pts Hemelgarn Racing
33. Hideshi Matsuda (JAP) 5pts Beck Motorsports
34. Joe Gosek (USA) 4pts Team Scandia
35. Scott Harrington (USA) 3pts Della Penna Motorsports
36. Danny Ongais (USA) 2pts Team Menard

Re: IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: March 08, 2014 12:26PM
Posted by: bigjoangel
Hey mate,
Thats pretty interesting actually. I went back and watched some of the old IRL races a little while ago and wondered what the standings wouldve looked like if tony stewart in particular didnt keep breaking down right before the chequered flag. Interesting with Guerrero up there too.
Good work!
Re: IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: March 29, 2014 12:19PM
Posted by: ipswich2007

I'm glad somebody likes them hehe, I'll definitely be posting the rest 97-13, they make for interesting reading even if they don't really mean too much.

All the best

Re: IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: June 02, 2014 07:47PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
Next up the '1996-97' Season:

Not all drivers have their driven teams next to them, will update at some point in the future.

1. Tony Stewart (USA) 320pts Team Menard
2. Arie Luyendyk (HOL) 306pts Treadway Racing
3. Davey Hamilton (USA) 268pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
4. Buddy Lazier (USA) 258pts Hemelgarn Racing
5. Roberto Guerrero (COL) 222pts Pagan Racing
6. Marco Greco (BRA) 220pts Team Scandia
7. Eddie Cheever (USA) 210pts Team Cheever
8. Scott Goodyear (CAN) 208pts Treadway Racing
9. Jim Guthrie (USA) 206pts Blueprint Racing
10. Buzz Calkins (USA) 197pts Bradley Motorsports
11. Robbie Buhl (USA) 195pts Team Menard
12. Eliseo Salazar (CHI) 192pts Team Scandia
13. Stephane Gregoire (FRA) 183pts Chastain Motorsports
14. Kenny Brack (SWE) 178pts Galles Racing
15. Mark Dismore (USA) 163pts Kelley Racing
16. Affonso Giaffone (BRA) 152pts Team Scandia & Chitwood Motorsports
17. John Paul Jr. (USA) 142pts PDM Racing
18. Vicenzo Sospiri (ITA) 136pts Team Scandia
19. Billy Boat (USA) 133pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
20. Scott Sharp (USA) 132pts A.J. Foyt Enterprises
21. Jack Miller (USA) 130pts Arizona Motorsports/Crest Racing
22. Mike Groff (USA) 125pts Byrd-Cunningham Racing
23. Jimmy Kite (USA) 107pts Team Scandia
24. Robbie Groff (USA) 94pts McCormack Motorsports
25. Sam Schmidt (USA) 92pts Blueprint Racing & LP Racing
26. Greg Ray (USA) 85pts Knapp Motorsports
27. Jeff Ward (USA) 78pts Galles Racing & Team Cheever & Sinden Racing/ISM Racing
28. Tyce Carlson (USA) 71pts IZ Racing & PDM Racing & Earl's Performance
29. Johnny Unser (USA) 64pts Project Indy & Hemelgarn Racing & Byrd-Cunningham Racing
30. Richie Hearn (USA) 62pts Della Penna Motorsports
31. Fermin Velez (SPA) 62pts
32. Robby Gordon (USA) 55pts
33. Michele Alboreto (ITA) 50pts
34. Jeret Schroeder (USA) 43pts
35. Stan Wattles (USA) 39pts
36. Billy Roe (USA) 38pts
37. Johnny O'Connell (USA) 24pts
38. Brad Murphey (AUS) 21pts
39. Danny Ongais (USA) 19pts
40. Johnny Parsons (USA) 18pts
41. Allen May (USA) 17pts
42. Steve Kinser (USA) 15pts
43. Joe Gosek (USA) 14pts
44. Dave Kudrave (USA) 13pts
45=. Michel Jourdain Jr. (MEX) 13pts
46. Alessandro Zampedri (ITA) 13pts
47. Juan Carlos Carbonell (CHI) 7pts
48=. Dennis Vitolo (USA) 7pts
49=. Mike Shank (USA) 7pts
50. Paul Durant (USA) 6pts
51. Claude Bourbannais (CAN) 3pts
52. Lyn St. James (USA) 1pt

Re: IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: June 04, 2016 07:22PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
Just realised I'd finished these a while ago, here goes 1998:

1st. Billy Boat (USA) 415pts
2nd. Tony Stewart (USA) 415pts
3rd. Kenny Brack (SWE) 307pts
4th. Jeff Ward (USA) 294pts
5th. Scott Sharp (USA) 287pts
6th. Mark Dismore (USA) 269pts
7th. Scott Goodyear (CAN) 247pts
8th. Davey Hamilton (USA) 239pts
9th. Marco Greco (BRA) 218pts
10th. Greg Ray (USA) 212pts
11th. Robbie Buhl (USA) 198pts
12th. John Paul Jr. (USA) 193pts
13th. Buddy Lazier (USA) 188pts
14th. Arie Luyendyk (HOL) 184pts
15th. Raul Boesel (BRA) 177pts
16th. Eddie Cheever (USA) 165pts
17th. Stephane Gregoire (FRA) 149pts
18th. Roberto Guerrero (COL) 139pts
19th. Buzz Calkins (USA) 132pts
20th. Sam Schmidt (USA) 111pts
21st. Jack Miller (USA) 100pts
22nd. Steve Knapp (USA) 83pts
23rd. Brian Tyler (USA) 81pts
24th. Robby Unser (USA) 78pts
25th. Donnie Beechler (USA) 74pts
26th. J.J. Yeley (USA) 58pts
27th. Eliseo Salazar (CHI) 57pts
28th. Andy Michner (USA) 54pts
29th. Jimmy Kite (USA) 45pts
30th. Stan Wattles (USA) 40pts
31st. Jim Guthrie (USA) 40pts
32nd. Mike Groff (USA) 39pts
33rd. Dave Steele (USA) 30pts
34th. Tyce Carlson (USA) 19pts
35th. Robbie Groff (USA) 18pts
36th. Jack Hewitt (USA) 18pts
37th. Stevie Reeves (USA) 10pts
38th. Scott Harrington (USA) 8pts
39th. Billy Roe (USA) 6pts
40th. Johnny Unser (USA) 5pts
41st. Paul Durant (USA) 4pts

Re: IndyCar/IRL by Grid Positions 96-13
Date: June 09, 2016 02:49AM
Posted by: ipswich2007

1st. Greg Ray (USA) 419pts
2nd. Mark Dismore (USA) 372pts
3rd. Sam Schmidt (USA) 311pts
4th. Scott Sharp (USA) 309pts
5th. Scott Goodyear (CAN) 255pts
6th. Kenny Brack (SWE) 216pts
7th. John Hollansworth Jr. (USA) 213pts
8th. Jeff Ward (USA) 213pts
9th. Billy Boat (USA) 210pts
10th. Tyce Carlson (USA) 206pts
11th. Davey Hamilton (USA) 181pts
12th. Scott Harrington (USA) 176pts
13th. Robby Unser (USA) 176pts
14th. Buddy Lazier (USA) 155pts
15th. Eddie Cheever (USA) 144pts
16th. Buzz Calkins (USA) 131pts
17th. Stephane Gregoire (FRA) 129pts
18th. Eliseo Salazar (CHI) 106pts
19th. Donnie Beechler (USA) 100pts
20th. Robby McGehee (USA) 95pts
21st. Raul Boesel (BRA) 78pts
22nd. Jimmy Kite (USA) 78pts
23rd. Jaques Lazier (USA) 72pts
24th. Ronnie Johncox (USA) 65pts
25th. Steve Knapp (USA) 64pts
26th. Johnny Unser (USA) 51pts
27th. Arie Luyendyk (HOL) 50pts
28th. Roberto Guerrero (COL) 42pts
29th. Robbie Buhl (USA) 42pts
30th. Roberto Moreno (BRA) 39pts
31st. Robby Gordon (USA) 32pts
32nd. Stan Wattles (USA) 24pts
33rd. Hideshi Matsuda (JAP) 20pts
34th. John Paul Jr. (USA) 20pts
35th. Jason Leffler (USA) 15pts
36th. Sarah Fisher (USA) 13pts
37th. Jack Miller (USA) 12pts
38th. Jeret Schroeder (USA) 9pts
39th=. Doug Didero (CAN) 9pts
40th. Marco Greco (BRA) 8pts
41st. Niclas Jonsson (SWE) 8pts
42nd. Gualter Salles (BRA) 7pts
43rd=. Bobby Regester (USA) 7pts
44th. Andy Michner (USA) 7pts
45th. Brian Tyler (USA) 6pts
46th=. Tony Stewart (USA) 6pts
47th=. Willy T. Ribbs (USA) 6pts
48th. Wim Eyckmans (BEL) 1pt

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