Future Grand Prix Series (FGPS) - Race 5 (Spain) Online

Posted by Flost 
just curious, is this Florian (Flost) the same Florian known as DjRotty?
both organized championships, both championships died, both users disappeared (DjRotty's account seems banned)...

anyway LOL at both ;)

Nah, Florian - DJRotty one is now Vandusk, Florian - Flost one has disapeared, presumed drowned...

Team Owner of ItalianEnglish Dynamics in GPG Super League
GP4 Season 5: 7) Jethro Walters. 8) Zsigmond Somogyi. TD) Stuart Ingers and Joel Henrique
GP3 Season 5: 14) Nathan Turner. 15) Tobias Kederer.
6 Time Race Winners
ah good to know ;)
looks being named Florian enhance to create championship at the same way being named Sebastian enhance to drive redbull cras. ah well...

lol ;)


-GPGSL Career- Starts: 64 Points: 237 Wins: 3 Podiums: 8 Poles: 2 Fastest Laps: 2 Best Result: 1st (Mal + Bra GP S3, Jap GP S4)
Most consecutive races without DNF: 23
Last one out the door turn off the light ;)

5 x WCC - S5, S6, S7, S8, S10
4 x WDC - Nick van der Voort - S5, Ed Greenhalgh - S6, S7, S8
please, since I unload it? vonluch@yahoo.com.ar
well i guess by now this topic deserves less than others to be pinned. at least will reduce the list of pinned stuff, supposing it will ever restart...

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