Problems with RH seasonset

Posted by villeneuve 
Problems with RH seasonset
Date: February 08, 2002 01:30PM
Posted by: villeneuve
I have problems with the latest version of RH season set 2001. As you know with this seasonset it's possible to have the same car-liveries as in real Grand Prix, and they change every grandprix like in reality.
But there is the problem: when I play for example on the track of Silverstone (slot 11, in 2001 season order) there is no non-tabacco on the cars and Zonta drives the Jordan, but these are the carliveries of Hockenheim. So it seems that the liveries are installed in 2000 order and not in 2001 order. I don't know what could be the problem. I hope I've been clear.

Does anyone know how to fix this?



Re: Problems with RH seasonset
Date: February 08, 2002 01:32PM
Posted by: villeneuve
ps: i've installed the seasonset perfectly and I have all done what I had to do, the latest GPX patch is installed as well.
Re: Problems with RH seasonset
Date: February 08, 2002 03:46PM
Posted by: matt
if youve got tracks in 2001 order the liveries will be wrong.All you need to do is go into gpx directory in your gp3 file and open up Rh2001 file.There you will find icons with car1,car2 and so on till it finishes with car 17,These respond to 2000 order.i.e. car 1 is Australia,Car 17 is Malaysia.rename them so they go in order of 2001 and they will be correct.Hope this makes sense.
Re: Problems with RH seasonset
Date: February 09, 2002 06:13AM
Posted by: villeneuve
thanks a lot, Matt

the problem is fixed now!!!!
I didn't think that was so easy!

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