gp3 errors no timer

Posted by delly 
gp3 errors no timer
Date: February 17, 2002 09:29PM
Posted by: delly

my gp3 is refusing to run. i get the error message 'no timer'.

have been having problems since i got a new mother board and chip, ecs d6vaa and 633 celeron.

also i have been playing colin mcrae rally and windows sometimes recognizes my wingman formula gp wheel and at other times it says it is not connected properly.

any help appreciated.
Re: gp3 errors no timer
Date: February 17, 2002 10:58PM
Posted by: mortal
no timer = usually a re-installation, sorry about could try a new executable but the re-install will fix it ;-)

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Re: gp3 errors no timer
Date: February 18, 2002 10:24PM
Posted by: delly

odd, the pattern continues.

next day controller and gp3 work fine. despite fact i rebooted several times the previous day.

confused. colin mcrae rally working as well. frustrating.
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