Graphics problem - HELP!!

Posted by raavi 
Graphics problem - HELP!!
Date: February 17, 2002 11:41AM
Posted by: raavi
I have recently encountered a problem with GP3 2000.

I upgraded to XP Pro a while ago, and since then, can only get GP3 2000 to work.

That is not the problem, though.

I have a laptop, with PIII 850, 256MB RAM and an ATI M4 graphics card (32MB).

The problem is that whenever I play GP3 2000 now, I have to play in a window that is smaller than my screen (approx half the size).

The only way I have found to get around the problem is to run the game in the highest screen resolution, and it's ok when I drive, but I still have a small screen for all the menus and set-up screens.

It also runs the game a little slow - before I could have all the detail on and it would run fine, but no more...

I have downloaded the new XP drivers for the graphics card.

I don't understand why it suddenly now doesn't run the game on the full screen.

I use GPxPatch, v. 2.03.2.

Please help, or I cannot play GP3 any more (a fate worse than death!!).
Re: Graphics problem - HELP!!
Date: February 17, 2002 08:00PM
Posted by: mortal
If the only thing that has changed is the installation of XP Pro, therein lies your problem. Remove the offending OS and retest with Win98, if it works fine under 98 then you have a choice, XP Pro or GP3_2000, although I do not use XP there are users here that may be able to help you, hang in there, all is not lost, the fate worse than death can wait ;-)

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