Posted by downforce 
Date: February 09, 2002 01:47AM
Posted by: downforce
Finally I'm making an on topic post.

I had to rebuild my PC last week and I can't get my LWFF profiler
to apply the profile in GP3.

I backed up the profile so I know this profile has worked in the past.

I have "Apply profile to game" turned on, but it doesn't map
all the buttons on the wheel to hte funcitons I've assigned.

I can drive OK but I had some buttons set for things like
displaying the gap and turning TC on and off and one
for turning steering help on and off.

I think I'm missing something obvious but it's been ages since I had to set
it up that I can't think of anything else to try.

Maybe it would be quicker to delete the profile and start from

Anyone else got the LWFFGP and some ideas??

Re: LWFF GP Wheel
Date: February 09, 2002 01:45PM
Posted by: dave
What version of windows do you use, what version of the Profiler are you using? To see if its the wheel or something else, create a profile that activates keys in a text file.
Re: LWFF GP Wheel
Date: February 09, 2002 04:40PM
Posted by: downforce
Thanks anyway dave. I just recreated the profile from scratch and it works ok now.

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