Looking for "Hell in the Cell" and "Funny Nürburgring" - Fictional and Fantasy Tracks

Posted by evroic 

Please, does anyone have these tracks?

1 - hell_neu.zip => "Hell in the Cell" Track (41.6 Kbyte) by Matti Laitinen
2 - funlux_neu.zip => "Funny Nürburgring" (27.0 Kbyte) by Ignasi Calvo

(*) Perhaps the same file may exist but with a different zip package name

Thanks in advance

Evandro ( Brazil )

The files were found on page 6 of the website:


hell_neu.zip => hell.zip
funlux_neu.zip => fun_nurburgring_ic.zip

As I already suspected, they had different names.

Another case solved by Sherlock Holmes

Evandro ( Brazil )
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